Engage Customers and Build Rewarding
Relationships with multi-platform solutions

Customer Engagement Management

Engage or Perish! Businesses are increasingly investing in recurring transactions made by returning customers and this has given way to the CRM-dominated marketing disciplines in the last two decades. Traditional CRM models mostly employ one-way communication, do not engage with the customer beyond push communication and are sales-driven. However, today’s customers are more discerning and sensitive to the quality of the relationship a business builds with them. Therefore it is imperative that businesses engage with them in a meaningful way and build lasting relationships. Customer engagement is the future of marketing, and the laggards will simply perish.

It pays for businesses to know their customers, their preferences, their buying patterns and most importantly the kind of information they seek from retailers and businesses. A smart marketer would look for clues and hints left behind by the customer at the point of purchase, decipher these hints picked up over a period of time, understand patterns and then communicate what the customer would be delighted to hear. Loyalty programs also work better with this approach. Data, when used smartly, leads to intuitive engagement; now add the layer of opt-in communication and you have a winning combination.

OptCulture is built on the premise that nurturing customer relationships with data-driven intelligence is the most intelligent way of meaningful customer engagement. Retail Businesses across the world use our customer engagement solutions and build rewarding relationships with their customers… It’s time to build yours.