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Subscription Business

We live in a different world. And we live differently than the world a decade ago. Businesses have changed too. So have consumers and buyers: who increasingly prefer to subscribe to services than buy products outright. They don't pay upfront: they like to pay as they go. They like to try a sample before making a subscribe decision. They like optimal value for their cent… and they rather pay 100 cents over a period of time than a dollar.

The interaction between businesses and their customers has changed from the transactional to the relationship-centric mode. From Broadband to Telecom, from connectivity and TV to media and entertainment, from electricity to organizational data storage: the spread of Subscription is huge.The customer who bought a telephone connection for home with a fixed fee per call, television viewers who took a plan for watching a fixed number of channels and the surfers who had a fixed data-plan for surfing internet on their PCs at home are long gone. Have you provided for this change? Have you changed your business and delivery models to harness the power of connection and easy in this new world?

In this revolution of Subscription business, our world-class product-line, SURE! (short for Subscription Revolution), is an experience of which has been changing the business fortunes of our globally spread clients in PayTV, Broadband and Cloud businesses. Be SURE! with us. Discover us.