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With majority of the technologies converging towards IP-based, broadband operators along with telecom data providers are seeing huge opportunities with respect to offering their services so as to meet the growing and demanding needs of consumers. B2B and B2C markets opens up huge potential for the service providers which drives them to set up suitable infrastructure, accommodate dynamic needs by optimizing the offering so as to remain profitable without causing dent on the customer experience aspects. On top of this, along with the wired broadband technologies, mobile broadband technologies are also fast evolving with the advent of IMS, WiMAX, Wi-Fi and LTE kind of standards.

Data usage is soaring high with more and more devices getting connected and staying online 24X7. This calls for systems that monitors the operations in real time, helps decision makers in arriving at the optimum steps to be executed, arrest revenue leakage by tracking usage in real-time in addition to making the services available 24X7 for consumers to use.

SURE! is the world’s fastest growing Subscriber Management Solution platform for Broadband and Telecom Operators to manage the bandwidth, nurturing the customer relationships, track usage and eliminate revenue leaks by proper accounting thereby allowing you to have full control on the business activities. Broadband billing from SURE! has evolved to support multiple technologies as part of fixed and mobile networks thus being available fully ready to support the complex business scenarios in the spectrum.