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Cloud computing is a paradigm shift in the IT industry and many IT vendors believe this to be the next logical step in controlling IT resources, as well as a primary means to lower total cost of ownership. More than just an industry buzzword, cloud computing promises to revolutionize the way IT resources are deployed, configured, and managed for years to come.

Many players have realized the huge potential from moving toward this "everything as a service" delivery model. By following the cloud approach, instead of dealing with a number of disparate and incompatible silos or the common single-tenant hosting and colocation model, service providers can offer high value to their customers.

That is where SURE! plays an important role of making your cloud billing online. It’s fast and easy. SURE! can track and manage multiple business models like subscription, usage based etc in addition to make sure that customer relationships are properly managed and revenue assurance mechanisms are put in place. SURE! can support the multiple flavors of cloud which includes SaaS, IaaS/PaaS and Unified Communications (UC).