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We are entering into a new era of computing technology – the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm – where many of the "machines or equipment" surrounding us will be on the network in one form or another. We can see these as billions of smart, connected things with its intelligence derived from embedded processing. In other words, tomorrow’s world is going to be (already in the process) where smart machines interacting and communicating with other machines, objects, infrastructure, environment and even with human beings - thanks to Radio Frequency Identification and Sensor technologies that makes this a reality. This is where IoT billing comes into picture.

This result in huge amounts of data getting generated, which need to be stored, processed and presented in an effective way. The results can thus be used to command and control - or automate - activities to make life much safer and easier - with minimum impact to environment.

Since effective processing of generated data is of much significance for the success of the entire model, BCRM systems gains importance. SURE! IoT billing solution is a cloud based end to end CRM, Billing and Monetization platform which can collect and process huge amount of data, apply business rules and present the data in a format which helps the decision makers in implementing various actions. Also further improvements or fine tuning can be performed based on the data generated from SURE! thus enhancing the eco-system even further.