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Utility Billing Solution

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A large number of utility companies are moving through huge changes in their systems in order to accommodate the pressing demands arising from regulations, environment, competition and price situations. The IT landscape and other infrastructure related to service delivery are hence changing to measure usage in smart way, track customer behavior, ensure steady flow of revenue and give the decision makers ample data to improvise on the service offering for optimizing offerings.

Again it is very important that the changes are not affecting the customer experience which otherwise will impact the revenue flow. Hence you may need a system which can seamlessly fit into your changing eco-system and at the same time ensuring customer relationship is properly managed and revenue flow is assured without moving away from the regulatory barriers. A system with the experience to perform within such boundaries and delivering high degree of customer satisfaction in addition to monitoring the entire business operations is hence of prime importance for all utility companies.

SURE! which is an on-premise OR cloud deployable utility billing solution, is robust and scalable that addresses three basic aspects – Customer Relationship Management, Meter Data Management, Billing and Revenue Assurance.