We Inspire, Ideate, Disrupt

People Vision


We Inspire, Ideate, Disrupt

Magnaquest was built as a company with people as a core asset, the melting furnace of ideas where innovation and business value is born. We have a simple people vision: inspire the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary.

We recruit a certain kind of people, and train them at work – everyday. We inspire them to ideate and disrupt, and then unleash them and their work into the world.

Our kind of people take work seriously, and themselves pretty un-seriously. We challenge them with ideas and problems – right from their first interview or written examination if they are freshmen. We see if they understand a larger ecosystem instead of just a narrow focus on code. We ascertain that they are fascinated by technology and care for the impact it makes.

We rigidly check if they care for our mission, and are aligned to it. We above all make sure they are responsible and deeply value values.


Gentle Ambition: A Relaxed, Un-Snobish, Happy Firm

Time and again, we have been told by every of our stakeholder: there is something very nice about your company. It does not bother us that it does not sound very ambitious or steeply complimentary. The truth is there is something very nice about us. And about the feel within our offices, work stations, common areas and play zones.

Our kind of ambition and inspiration is less like the fiery blaze of a rocket launch, and more like the warmth of a gentle, winter, late-noon sun.

We have not been impressed too much by the corporate cultures of back-breaking deadlines, dreary schedules and artificial goals measures in millions of dollars or percentage of growth. Make no mistake here: we have excellent percentage growth, and are earning more millions of dollars each year… but we are not all snobbish and uptight about it.

We don't even say we are a big family and all…. as a slogan on brochures. We guess, we must be like a family, in any case, a great team of people who understand each other, like to work together for common goals and create some great products and value for the customers and gently disrupt the eco-system.