To play a responsible role
towards all stakeholders
and the community

Vision and Goals


Our vision is to build a lasting entrepreneurial organization, beyond our generation, playing a responsible role towards all stakeholders and the community. In all things we do, we have high focus and strong differentiation.

Business Approach

  • Product and Solutions orientation
  • Focus on Niche and Emerging Markets
  • Strong Differentiators: through geographies focus, solution orientation in under-served markets, key strategic partnerships, price advantage and localization of solutions
  • Strategic Leaning

The company displayed marked maturity and strategic foresight from inception, with a strong preference to solutions over services, outcome-based revenues to effort-based pricing and has been at the forefront of newer delivery models and innovating with cutting-edge technologies and practices like SaaS, Cloud computing, test-oriented-development, AGILE development, and a pioneer of Frugal Innovation. Read more on cloud billing at SURE! site.

A significant part of our success is built on our partnerships, with channel partners, system integrators, hardware manufacturers, third party software to technology partners, all of whom are integral to our growth.