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Case Studies

How is Hathway, India's fastest growing Multi-Service Operator SURE! of happy customers and a cost effective subscriber management and billing system?

Hathway Cable & Datacom is the India's leading and fastest growing MSO (Multi service operator) managing more than 1 million digital subscribers and 8 million homes pass across 125 cities in the country with a network of 3000 dealers. Hathway has rolled out Digital Cable TV services in all major cities, offering more than 150 digital channels. It had a 7 point business challenge. Discover how it addressed the challenges and became SURE!

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How is the IDC industry now SURE!

Over the past few years, IaaS has evolved into a full-fledged industry. Many traditional systems are obsolete when it comes to an IaaS provider’s requirements. The reason being the paradigm shift in the way these IaaS providers operate. Discover how our solution addresses customer needs and makes IaaS players SURE!

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