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Banking Offers Lessons Aplenty For Broadband to Increase Revenues

Vijay Debbad
Managing Director

Imagine a bank which offered only two services to people: took their money as deposits and paid an interest for it; and offering this money as loan to businesses for a higher interest, making profits from the difference between the two. Banking would be a cottage industry that no one would talk about, whose difficulties would not impress any government and the bankers would have no power in society.


Internet Protocol Moves from V4 to V6

Broadband finds a new chest of treasures

Anil Thota

The Internet works on a ubiquitous system of Internet Protocol Addresses, wherein every device, real or virtual, has a particular number assigned to it. Each IP address, defined as a numerical label assigned to each device participating in a network, had two functions: it is a unique name, so we can identify one from the other, and it is also an address, so we can locate where it is from. Once identified, the route is established as a way to reach the unique address.


Cloud is Not Raining Revenues, It Is Possibly Leaking Money Instead

Satish Garikipati

Globally, business organizations are moving towards Cloud-based services, which dramatically reduce their software and other computing costs. Recent reports indicate that Interest in the SaaS (software as a service) delivery model is growing drastically; by 2013 almost 85 percent of new vendors will be focused on SaaS services.


With Dual &Triple Play, PayTV can harness rapid growth in LatAm

Dheeraj Pulluru

In Brazil, like in Latin America (LatAm), the DTH is leading the digital boom. Most Latin American territories are experiencing a surge in digital TV take-up, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. According to most global experts and research, the PayTV revenues globally will climb to over USD 200 billion in 2017, up by USD 23 billion on 2011 but up by only USD 2 billion (1 percent) on 2016, according to a study by Digital TV Research. Similar reports indicate that the DTH (DBS) revenues will overtake cable TV revenues in 2015. However, the total global market for paid video is expected to hit USD 371 billion by 2016.


Challenges plaguing Indian Pay TV Industry are Disguised Opportunities

Venu Madhav

In India, the Television revolution that started in early 80s with a government-owned Doordarshan, experienced its first major boom in early 90s with the introduction of cable TV. For the first time, Indian audiences experienced 24-by-7 TV and more than one channel; besides the quality of content not possible with government produced content.


You Sell Digital TV Connections on Subscription Model


You Sell Digital TV Connections on Subscription Model

Across the world, owing to business pressures, government legislations, demand for higher quality television viewing experience, and proliferation of technology, more and more homes are getting connected by Digital Television. Pay TV companies: MSOs, LCOs, DTH and DTT players, besides satellite and HITS companies are transforming and moving to offering digital TV, while analog TVs are being increasingly switched off.