Reaping high returns from
small innovations: Enabling value
through novelty in application of

Frugal Innovation


Reaping High Returns From Small Innovations

As an Indian company born during the high tide of software services boom and the subsequent BPO wave, we have stuck to our core of being a product-based solutions company, with a smart sense of creating innovation for our customers and enabling value through novelty in application of technology.

Much before the term became popular, we have been constantly setting aside a frugal portion of our time, effort and monies to make innovation at every stage of our product development. We are proud of having created multi-fold returns on our investments into research and innovation.

The AGILE methodology of product development has also been a source of strength for our company. It has helped us build a product in layers, creating marketable, stand-alone components in each stage and ready for an overall consolidation after each phase. Early marketability of a product under development through modular planning has been a part of our innovation mindset.

We use cutting edge technology and out of the box solutions whenever there is a room. We are planning smart billing system with many advanced features for utilities.