Build the World's most Secure
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Smart Identity Integration.

Identity, Security, Compliance & e-Government Transformation


Identity, Security, Compliance & e-Government Transformation

I-Am is the fast evolving technology suite and umbrella from Magnaquest, which is wide-ranging, diverse, and comprising technology products, solutions and platforms, addresses a broad-spread requirement of Identity-based security and access(both physical and logical), Identity-integrated governance and regulatory compliances, and a posse of Federal ID Card-integrated solutions.

At the core, I-Am is about harnessing the power of unimpeachable identity and access – to create and manage better security, governance, compliance, and evolve better models and higher standards of governance and management, and ensuring better delivery of results, be it for corporations or governments.

I-Am exists along and provides solutions in three broad categories:

National ID-integrated Identity and Security solutions:

For all the institutions and agencies (like banks, financial institutions, government ministries/departments, private organizations, etc…) who are involved in delivering services to citizens directly, typically having high-risk, highly-transactional, highly-regulated, and highly-operational environments and ecosystems. These solutions will act as catalysts in achieving ID integrated e-Government transformations

Identity & Access-Integrated Governance and Compliance solutions:

An extension along the evolution of our Identity and Security solutions; our suite of ID-integrated Governance, Regulations and Compliance productions and solutions ensures that companies and government departments can take their GRC levels to the highest notch.

ID integrated Social Welfare Programme delivery Solutions:

Harnessing the Federal Card as a last mile enabler, we provide solutions to the government ministries/agencies which are involved in managing social welfare programmes, that will help achieve E-Governance Evolution and Transformation, ensuring the benefits to reach citizens in the right time based on their entitlements.