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In the Identity business, our world-class platform, I. Am is a strong end-to-end strategic engagement partner for Governments and Corporations harnessing the power of Identity to perform better over a wide range of concerns, ranging from security, compliance, governance, and guaranteed delivery of benefits. We are strong strategic partners to governments in Federal Card initiatives.

I-Am, a Magnaquest 'Identity, Access and Security Management' Solution, takes a lifecycle approach to the management of identity and access control from the beginning of the process. Specifically, identity management handles changes that occur during the lifetime of a user’s account. It has the ability to integrate with pre-existing information sources within the enterprise, such as directories and HR systems.

Our Offerings for Identity Business

I-AmTM Identity Manager

As systems became 'mission' critical for the world of e-business, corporations are unable to cope with the demands of increased scale, scope, and availability from the traditional processes of user administration.

An Identity Management (IDM) is a user provisioning system that manages the identity and credential information for corporate users, clients, partners, suppliers etc. by controlling access to the IT resources based on the business policies that are driven by the security policies and procedures.

The flip side of it is that, being the centralized source of access control, the IDM system attracts the attention from both the people outside the business, who want to use the corporate (IT) assets for illicit purposes, and the insiders seeking to benefit from the privileged access to sensitive information.

I-AmTM Access Manager (Web-SSO)

I-AmTM Access Manager provides an integrated security management platform for authentication services, access control or authorization services, identity mapping, web single sign-on, entitlements, and audit services across e-business and enterprise resources.

It is an access management solution that provides integrated, policy-based security management for the extended enterprise to enable customers, business partners, employees, suppliers, and distributors with varying needs and permissions to securely access the corporate web environment in a trusted manner.

Authentication of users, control of access privileges, auditing, single sign-on, high availability, and logging are a few essential elements of the access management solution.

I-AmTM Access Manager (E-SSO)

I-AmTM Enterprise Single Sign-On is the industry's leading Enterprise Single Sign-On (E-SSO) solution, basing application and system user logins on existing Active Directory identities. It requires no hard-to-manage infrastructure and streamlines both end-user management and enterprise-wide administration of single sign-on.

I-AmTM Enterprise Single Sign-On provides services to store and transmit encrypted user credentials across local and network boundaries, including domain boundaries. SSO stores the credentials in the Credential database. Because SSO provides a generic single sign-on solution, middleware applications and custom adapters can take advantage of SSO to securely store and transmit user credentials across the environment. End users do not have to remember different credentials for different applications.