Retail Businesses across
the world use our customer
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build rewarding relationships
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OptCulture assists businesses and organizations in connecting with their customers nationwide via communication through multiple mediums.

While supporting a variety of business types, we have developed our platform to operate with a retailers perspective. Our functionality, process and paradigm are driven from our experience in helping companies grow their customer base in multiple mediums of advertising. SMS based advertising is an extremely powerful and effective medium to use in conjunction with other mediums or as a stand alone platform.

We believe in doing business with integrity, which is why our company is built upon accountability, measurement, and results. With our innovative tools, we’ve set in motion a new of communicating, investing, and reporting ROI. Read more

Our Offerings for Customer Engagement Management


One of our primary focuses here at OptCulture is the integration of our platform into various POS systems. OptIntel allows you to launch and track campaigns to targeted groups by pulling data directly from your POS.

Integration serves as a bridge for retailers to provide vital information, which would typically be handled manually. OptIntel allows you to gauge response, track campaigns, measure ROI and much more. In addition, it allows you to customize and send automated messages to a specific targeted recipient based upon custom criteria. Don’t be intimidated by your database, leverage it. Read more

Email Marketing

Consumers still prefer email for marketing communications 3 to 1. OptCulture makes it simple when reaching your opt-in customers via email.

Our enhanced platform allows you to segment and send automated campaigns via triggers and automation through your own customized marketing calendar. OC allows you to create a truly customized experience by sending offers based upon buying habits, benchmarks, loyalty points, and more. Read more

SMS Marketing

With the expanding use of mobile phones, you can reach your customers quickly and effectively with OptCulture SMS, all while tracking the response it generates in your store. Utilize the same segmentation, automated triggers, and tracking features available with our Email solution, except with the power of reaching the customers on their mobile phones, a device that they frequently check and
use when shopping. Read more

Customer Loyalty

FACT: It's 7-10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.Our rewards solution allows businesses to obtain increased customer loyalty by giving you program flexibility while passing the benefits to your customers. Read more

Digital Receipts

OptCulture provides a Point of Sale plug-in that gives your stores the ability to send digital receipts, all without ever having to leave your POS software. Send all of the traditional receipt information, in addition to any additional information directly and instantly to your customer’s inbox! Read more

Social Media

The either-or debate has long been put to rest. Social media integration is an essential part of email marketing, and it's incredibly easy with OptCulture. With social media, you can promote your email campaigns. With email, there are many social media tie ins that can greatly extend the reach of your email campaigns. Integrating your Facebook and Twitter accounts enables many of these features. Read more