Subscription Businesses
across the Broadband,
PayTV, Cloud and Telecom
verticals all over the world
partner with us to manage
their offerings and
maximize their revenues


SURE! (Subscription Revolution) is one of the world's leading Subscription Lifecycle Management software solutions, based on the methodology of providing a solution spanning across the spectrum of engagement between the subscriber and the service provider.

In the Subscription business, our world-class product-line, SURE! is an experience which has been changing the business fortunes of our globally spread clients in PayTV, Broadband and Cloud businesses.

Whether you are a Pay Television operator or broadcaster, a Wire or Wireless Broadband provider, or a Cloud Computing company in SaaS, IaaS or PaaS; there will be a Subscriber Lifecycle for you to manage that transcends traditionally approached solutions like Revenue Management, Identity Management, CRM, Security, Billing, Customer Service, Self-Service, Service Fulfilment, Policy Management, Resource Allocation, Lead Management, or Managed Services, and beyond.

SURE! was built on a methodology called SLIM: Subscription Lifecycle Intelligently Managed.

Independent of the vertical, region, sub-industry and category you belong to; and irrespective of the solution you are prioritizing to incorporate or buy; SURE!, the harbinger of revolution in the subscription economy, will bring you the best solution within the purview of SLIM.

Don't just manage a specific requirement, or don't solve a particular problem; leverage a technological infrastructure that eyes, understands and optimizes the Subscription Lifecycle. Surely, ultimately that is what you need to survive the rough waves of the changing world. Be SURE!, the SLIM way.

Our Offerings for Subscription Businesses:

Converged Billing

Do you offer more than one service to a customer? SURE! enables you to provide a converged single bill to clients for multiple services. Read more


SURE! provides 'CRM in a Box' that shortens the implementation cycle for the communication service provider. Empowers green-field service providers in short time and brown-field service providers in quick-time. Read more


SURE! AAA is delivering tomorrow's need, today. Enables you to provide services independent of vendor, technology, and network. Read more


Subscription poses the challenge of personalization on the one hand and monetization on the other; optimize your performance with SURE! Read more


Service delivery philosophy is changing by the day. Gear up for next paradigm shift in service delivery with SURE! next generation OSS which is a future proof, central control station for converged networks.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is changing the way one perceives the market, positions oneself, builds the big picture and makes a solution. Data and analytics are the core drivers that enhance the effectiveness of your decision making. SURE! unlocks the inherent value of business data and provides the tools for effective business decision making.

Field Force Automation

SURE! Field Force Automation enables you to exchange real-time information with your field service engineers / representatives. It empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management at your customer's doorstep! Read more