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3 things that OTT video operator should do to create superior customer experience

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Aug, 2016

Digitization is the way for corporates now and they know their future is safe if they go digital. Some struggle with outmoded IT systems and some with pre-digital era culture. Yet all is not lost. The OTTs are in vogue and the reason is well apparent to the entire fast pace of life and their compatibility with it. Still the OTTs need to keep themselves update and well versed with the current consumers and below are some information which will help them stay in market for a longer period. Recommendations: […]


Drive OTT Subscriptions with these 6 Key Strategies Part-II

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Aug, 2016

This blog is the second part of the two part series – “Drive OTT Subscriptions with these 6 Key Strategies”. For first three please click here.   4.Be your customers’ personal OTT subscription advisor At the end of the month you notice a fall in number of active subscribers, due to churn. Your relationship manager calls to find the reasons. Some may say that their usage rate is less and they think they are paying more for it. Clearly, those customers are not getting the maximum value. Customer churn is one […]


Drive OTT Subscriptions with these 6 Key Strategies Part-I

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Jul, 2016

To get more customers, organizations spend enormous amount of money and time in devising multiple marketing strategies. While this is critical, it is important to create superior customer experience so that the current customer’s won’t churn out.. This is where new entrants will have challenge (call it as growing pains). But, they can exploit the latest technological advance to achieve a fair balance and work towards knocking out established players. Same goes with the OTT subscription service providers. Global players are facing the heat from new upcoming players. New entrants […]