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Building Customer Persona – My Sticky Note Recipe

My 6 year old came to me today and asked me that he would like to have a PS2 for his birthday that is due in a month. I said none of my friends’ kids’ had it till they turned 9. He said, “Dad, But I would like to have it now and I feel I am different from them and smarter than them. Please do not compare me with them.” I was surprised that he could not only think through such a lengthy logic but also articulate it. I […]


Why I emphasize more on EQ?

Whenever I try to recruit people for my team or for that matter help anyone to hire someone for their team I lay a lot of emphasis on Emotional Intelligence. Over many years of working with different organizations and amongst different cultural backgrounds, one common thing that I have absorbed is people who have the ability to absorb emotional cues and use it wisely to guide their behavior are a valuable asset to the organization. Imagine someone who empathizes with the reader writing content for them. They not only perceive […]


The Subscription Mantra for Cloud

Owing to the ever-increasing demand for computing resources alongside uncertainty in demand has led to the evolution of Cloud business. In a typical cloud business model, a company will be able to offer its services, where customers need not pay a large amount of money at the time of entering the contract and continue to use the same in a “pay-as-you-go” mode which is a variant of typical subscription model. This led to a paradigm shift from the Capex model to the Opex model. As a consequence, cloud service providers […]


The significance of a robust subscription and monetization platform

In the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) eco-system, the major application which facilitates the service provider to streamline & automates the business process is a platform that handles metering, billing and monetization. Over the past few years, IaaS has evolved into a full-fledged industry. Many traditional systems, including the metering and billing systems, are becoming obsolete when it comes to adapting to IaaS providers’ requirements. The reason being the paradigm shift in the way these IaaS providers operate. In general, IaaS is delivered on a subscription basis which facilitates an […]


Business benefits of having SURE! as your Billing & Subscription Management solution partner

It is of prime importance for a subscription based service provider – Datacenters, SaaS & On Demand and Cloud Communications (typically Unified Communications) to partner with right Cloud Billing, CRM and Subscription management solution provider. Here are some of the benefits a service provider will get if they partner with SURE!. Optimized ROI: Service providers save on operational expenditure. Using SURE! it is possible to automate all business processes and track the progress resulting in plugging revenue leakage and hence increased revenue.  In addition SURE! helps service providers in generating […]


Product Focus Vs Customer Focus

I Changed my Job It all started when I took over the reigns as CMO for Magnaquest. It has been a roller coaster ride so far and even after these 2 years here I still have the same adrenaline rush I had on my first day of work, every morning I come to the office. Over these years my job description changed. The teams that I work with changed. The people I need to influence and lead also changed. All this changed for good as I could see visible results. […]