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Magnaquest partnered with hybrid cloud software provider Abiquo. The combined solution offers customers a fully built solution that fits their exact requirements.

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Abiquo is a specialist in hybrid cloud service platforms Hybrid cloud software provider Abiquo is partnering with IT solutions provider Magnaquest to deliver a complete end-to-end cloud solution for service providers and hosting companies wanting to make the transition to cloud services. Serving over 250 enterprise customers with business critical solutions, Magnaquest has partnered with Abiquo in order to integrate its subscription management solutions platform SURE! with the Abiquo hybrid cloud platform. SURE! is a leading subscription billing and CRM platform for cloud players. The partnership provides a complete end-to-end […]


Subscription/Recurring Billing : Everything You Need to Know about it

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Subscription Billing and Relationship Management for Broadband Operators As a Broadband, Cable TV Network Operator or Cloud Computing company, you have a tremendous potential for growth and profitability, but we understand it’s not easy. SURE! solution experts are forerunners of the Broadband, Cable TV and Cloud, industries, with extensive domain and business process understanding. Through our consulting services, you can now tap into our expertise to leverage your growth potential. Your team may have expertise in business, but who can you turn to for other required skill-sets needed to be […]


“TV Everywhere” is becoming popular. Are developing markets OTT ready, Now?

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Sep, 2015

As the demand for OTT is growing rapidly in the developed markets, operators in the emerging markets are not sure about the timing of adopting OTT model for new revenues. As an overlay, businesses need to overcome these bottlenecks for the successful adoption of OTT platform. High speed data infrastructure: The high quality and high speed network is not ubiquitous in the developing markets, thus challenging businesses in the adoption of OTT. Even if there are growing investments in broadband infrastructure for improved network speed and performance, the caps on […]