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Are MSP’s strategies aligned with national cloud computing?

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May, 2016

Defining a MSP A Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers a series of IT solutions to small and large business houses. They assign specific servers and components to their clients and manage their IT solutions such as ensuring that the hardware is up and running, applying patches and updates, monitoring their systems and solutions and stocking on their historical data trend. With the advent of cloud computing, the services of MSPs, if not diminished, are challenged to a great extent. The need to prioritize services rendered and ensure competitiveness that would […]


Managed Service as A Delivery Approach

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May, 2016

The current trend of the business sectorbe it, small, medium or large, are all maintaining the use of managed services as their delivery model. This comes as no surprise with the growing trend of the specialists as well as the generalist managed service providers or MSPs in the economy. Although there is a significant presence of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Personal Communication services (PCs) in the service sector, the delivery approach adopted by the MSPs is scaling as far as their need goes. Giving more focus to Managed Service […]