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24Aug 2021

Sports OTT: Transforming the Live Streaming Landscape

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sports Broadcasting has been witnessing fast growth. The power ratio has been steadily slipping away from the regular satellite providers that had once consumed the industry because demand for new online channels has risen.

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23Aug 2021

Strategies to Enhance the Live OTT Sports Experience

Reading Time: 3 minutes From watching live sports to getting match updates, from setting up fantasy leagues to getting out there to interact with your favorite players, COVID has hyper-accelerated the change across all media and entertainment spectrums but most of all in sports.

subscription fatigue in b2c
04Aug 2021

5 Ways to Handle Subscription Fatigue in B2C

Reading Time: 3 minutes Subscription fatigue has two distinct facets – one from the consumer’s perspective, where it is powered by that feeling of being overwhelmed by the number of automated transactions happening across their devices.

content based merchandising
03Aug 2021

Content-based Merchandising for B2C

Reading Time: 4 minutes The importance of high-quality content is soaring today, more than ever before. The content also needs to be more innovative, appealing, and, most of all, presented powerfully for the person reading it.