PayTVNovember 18, 2022

5 Ways IPTV Can Enhance Communication in Your Business

It is generally perceived that Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) just transmits television streams over various networks. However, in truth, Enterprise IPTV takes advantage of the current network infrastructure to broadcast TV signals from cable or satellite providers and other recorded video content to multiple devices.

IPTV is not just restricted to live broadcast channels, but it also has the ability to disperse video-on-demand, digital signage, and on-demand internal shows. IPTV then helps you deliver diverse multimedia content to display screens spreading all through your business premises, from reception areas, canteens, common rooms, or even straight to your employees’ computers.

Here are the top 5 ways by which IPTV can help enhance communication within your business levels.

Extensive Content Spread 
While one uses traditional TV, the possibilities are minimal. Fundamentally, they are restricted to just transmitting content to televisions. While in actuality, the devices for content consumption in this day and age are plenty. When utilizing IPTV, one can obtain content to set-top boxes around the office, and any device- laptop, mobile, etc. with suitable software can play back the content. This helps spread the reach of the content across the whole premises.

Content Distribution from Numerous Sources
The competitiveness of an IPTV system lies in the fact that it allows one to extract content from different sources such as pre-recorded or live versions from the original creator of the content or local distributors. The best suiting IPTV system will enable the control and distribution of multimedia content from any source on the planet to the ones in need of it.

Personalization of Content
Today, IPTV is delivered chiefly over a device with access to multiple end users. However, such a method of yoking the user with the device restricts the scope to personalize and target the user with the device.
Companies must facilitate support for personalized IPTV services to take full advantage of IPTV services. These include relevant content recommendations, bookmarks, individual channels, user-centric content, etc. With the scope for such personalization, one can employ the current architecture to offer comprehensively tailor-made and engaging IPTV services that can be launched across multiple devices, thus ensuring a premium experience quality to numerous users.

Centralized Content Control
A well-built IPTV solution facilitates a centralized control epicenter. Business managers can easily handle, record, and broadcast video and TV content to the screen of any device, anywhere on the office’s premises, from one centralized seat, thus enhancing the ease of conveying the best content to suitable people.

Robust Security of Content
Research says that a massive 30% of company employees are known to have taken the data that they did not generate. When confronted, most of them claimed that they did it because there was no guideline or technology to thwart them. Put simply, employees attempt to steal data just because they easily can.
A robust IPTV solution is a strong shield against such threats as it guarantees that the content, whether from broadcast channels or critical data, is not duplicated and disseminated without approval. With the help of user or group authentication, or multifactor authentication, it is possible to ensure that the content is only being consumed by the individuals who have a safe and legal access to it.

Understand Your Needs:
The essentials of each business differ from the others. The kind of IPTV system needed will be based on various parameters such as the number of employees with access to content and the source of the content, etc.
However, the most crucial element is understanding IPTV’s strengths and how it can help obtain more value from employees. Magnaquest’s flagship product, SURE, is a robust subscription billing platform designed to help IPTV companies with an intent to augment ROI, intensify customer churn strategies, and build memorable customer journeys. For more information, check out our website and schedule a quick demo to get the best advice from our industry experts.