BusinessJune 23, 2022

5G Network Slicing In IPTV – Technology and Advantages

The advanced 5G mobile network is finally here with immense benefits to both service providers and corporations. One of the greatest advantages of this is mass-scale Network Slicing – splitting a physical network infrastructure into a cluster of perfectly remote virtual networks. This offers enhanced support to network operators to satisfy the evolving needs of a wide range of users.

Network Slicing Technology: A Closer Lens View

With a good gain in bandwidth, 5G matures as an option for cable data networks in IPTV systems. 5G in the IPTV industry helps lower the costs of network design, cabling, and network gear installation. Companies need to simply have a data plan from a 5G operator and switch to devices that support the 5G technology.

Network slicing is a unique SDN (Software-Defined Network) strategy used in the 5G standard for IPTV. It facilitates the running of simultaneous network configurations with remote traffic on the same physical layer. It means that IPTV-based businesses can have a wireless counterpart of a cable IP network in the form of a virtual network slice. Further, they are free to configure the Firewall rules, QoS (Quality of Service) settings, fixed bandwidth, IP range, and other parameters as per their needs. Different networks that share the same physical layer cannot interrupt the business.

The Advantages:

Real-time Reactivity

Low latency was a luxury in earlier generations, which is now becoming a standard in 5G and the IPTV ecosystem. One can take delight in quick channel zapping and get to experience Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence-based cloud applications as if they are installed on a local server. All of this, sans cables, a high-bandwidth uplink switch, or pricey SLA (Service-level Agreement) with a low latency network provider.

Superior HD Content and Cloud-based Applications 

5G deploys advanced strategies to magnify the use of the existing available spectrum. Therefore, data can explode over the channel with superb precision and fewer distortions. Too much traffic from cloud-based applications or high-definition 4K streams now can be easily delivered over the air. Businesses can now mobilize their applications in the cloud without jeopardizing their service quality.

Enhanced Customer Experience, Sans Wires

5G reduces the TCO (Total Cost of Operation) of a business’s data infrastructure, thus letting in better investment resources for real customer experience solutions. With conventional cables gone out of the way, 5G in IPTV can usher in new and rich capabilities. The wireless course opens up possibilities for many unexplored apps with the space to manipulate a network slice.

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