recurring revenue blog magnaquest
07Aug 2020

Why recurring revenue is so in demand?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Imagine running your business based solely on one-off sales and not making any recurring revenue. You do well this month and fill your cash flow reserves. You’re elated. You have enough money to sustain the next month.

ott vs theater debate blog
07Jul 2020

The Great Debate — Mega Releases on OTT Platforms vs Theatres — Perspectives from the Indian Market

Reading Time: 4 minutes ‘Been to any new movies lately?’ is no longer a great conversation starter. Here’s one for our times: ‘What was the last movie you went to before the lockdown?’ The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every sphere of life and business. As people hunker down at home, the entertainment industry has felt the chills to no slight degree.

Top five challenges faced by VOD platforms
06Apr 2020

Top Five Challenges Faced by VOD Platforms

Reading Time: 5 minutes “Did you watch the latest episode of Stranger Things?”, “How did you like that documentary on the Fyre Festival?” Whether you’re at a party or an official gathering, chances are, someone will start the conversation about a show on one of the OTT platforms.

Trends shaking the subscription world
06Nov 2019

Trends shaking the subscription universe

Reading Time: 4 minutes What do developments in edu-tech mean for quality education across the country? How is the media and publishing industry coming to terms with new realities of digitization and fake news? What does the future hold for the burgeoning OTT platform? Let’s take a quick look at the trends that are impacting the subscription world.