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Broadband Over Power Lines

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Apr, 2017

Internet has become a very important part of our everyday lives. Demand for dependable, high speed internet is increasing day by day. Cisco recently announced that data traffic has grown 63% in 2016, from 4.4 exabytes per month to 7.2 exabytes per. This is good news for everyone, however the infrastructure required for dependable high speed internet is not available in most of the areas, especially in rural areas. Fiber doesn’t reach entire population and wireless technologies are still evolving. For countries with most of their population still living in […]


Are you wondering what could be the possible solution to avoid surprise charges on your broadband bill?

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Dec, 2016

The Internet service providers these days have come up with many add-on services which are billed but they need to keep the customers well informed about the charges applicable on the services being availed. Sometimes customers out of curiosity  avail a service that they just wish to experience and end up getting billed for it or it may sometime be that a message of being billed is not clear to them and then all issues start wherein the ISP provider is blamed for having hidden charges. Surprises charges are inconvenient […]


A New Era of Wireless Communication: LI-FI Over WI-FI

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Oct, 2016

Introduction of Wi-Fi: In current days, it is really hard to imagine what human life would be like if there was no internet. We would have to send letters in order to be in touch with our loved ones, a study session in libraries will become different and a bank work would require lengthy queues as well. The shopping of any goods will require us to visit all the nearest shops and to look around a wide range of products. When the internet came into the limelight, it changed the […]


Wi-Fi: An integral part of our everyday life

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Feb, 2016

Wireless internet service has changed the way people use the internet. Emergence of smartphones combined with WiFi penetration has brought a sea-change in the utilization of internet. To some extent, WiFi has been instrumental in the growth of data traffic as well. Its emergence has greatly benefited all of us, however, it also brought in few risks. This article summarizes both pros and cons of WiFi. Ease of Access The most immediate advantage for wireless Internet access is that you are not bound to sit at your desk, using a […]