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Are you monitoring usage?

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Oct, 2014

Operators are moving aggressively to Next Generation Network technologies so as to bring in technology innovation and thereby bringing in more sophistication to the services being offered to their end customers. End customers are asking for improved ways of being connected and hence moving together with technology innovation is a must for operators. Rather than a monetization mechanism, this is more of a customer retention methodology which the operators are forced to adopt. As the technology is evolving to IP based applications and beyond, it is quite important that the […]


Be Aware and Arrest Revenue Leakages

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Jul, 2014

What is one of the key features to be supported by collection, mediation, rating and billing solution? The ability to interact with Next Generation Networks (NGN) by supporting multiple protocols. As the technology is evolving to IP based applications and beyond, it is quite important that the users have to be authenticated, authorized and accounted for in real time. Latency and Revenue Leakage Many a times the AAA functions are performed with some latency. This obviously calls for a revenue leakage which becomes huge if the latency is quite high […]


7 Critical Aspects of Identifying the Right Billing and Subscription Management Solution

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Jun, 2014

Many subscription based service providers are facing difficulty in identifying the right Billing and Subscription Management solution which suits to their Business requirements. Choosing a right system is most financially impactful decision. It can be one of the most difficult as well. Here are 7 aspects to look into while selecting a Billing vendor: Agility: System must be having out-of-the-box functionalities and should be made available as COTS solution as far as possible. It should be highly configurable and flexible enough (API surrounded – SOAP/REST) to handle all your unique […]


Ask The Broadband Pundits

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Feb, 2014

Welcome to the 1st “Ask the Broadband Pundits” Blog Post. This is where we post the response to the queries that come in. This is first of the monthly series blogs where we post the responses for the queries of operators. For posting Queries, please visit Is it possible for the operators to move Is it possible for the operators to move to LTE or WiMAX services using the legacy network infrastructure already in place? If yes, what are the key steps for successful migration? While most of the revenue […]