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Top 20 Broadband Influencers to Follow on Twitter Right Now

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Dec, 2014

Social Media has increasingly become a powerful tool and many influencers in the market choose twitter as their dais giving their followers the grandstand view of their perspective of the what’s going around in the world. For us, ISP industry has been the most important segment in the past year. So at the close of the year, we thought it would be nice to list out the people / institutions who have contributed to the Broadband world in the form of Tweets. Below are the 20 hottest Twitter handles of […]


Africa: Now and Beyond.

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Jul, 2014

Africa is the second largest and the second-most-populous continent in the world. With that population and the rapidly expanding consumer base, the African market is poised for an explosive growth in terms of embracing evolving communication technologies. If the projected growth rates for African economy are to be true, it will outpace some of the fastest moving economies of the world in the next 5 years. African businesses recognizes the importance of emerging technologies such as mobile, cloud, and social media in the current dynamic marketplace, though the adoption rate […]


How Brazilian Bandwidth Market is cranked up to full throttle by Half Time FIFA CUP

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Jun, 2014

We are half way into the FIFA world cup and Brazil has not enjoyed being the center of attraction in the recent times. Watched by nearly half of the world’s population, the market energy created by the event is unprecedented. With every country cheering for their home team, nobody wants to miss a game. At the same time, we cannot accommodate our favorite teams’ match during our work hours. But thanks to smart phones, social media and a wide range of apps, you will not miss any updates. Be it […]


Fast Forward to APAC 2018.

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May, 2014

As a Data Service Provider, Are You Future Ready? Asia Pacific is on the brink of an unprecedented Broadband technology revolution. With seamless technologies like Tablets & Smart Phones and newer forms of Internet technologies at the helm, it isn’t surprising to know that the APAC region comprises almost half of the mobile subscriber population in the world. With the increase in mobile subscribers, there is a subsequent surge in mobile data traffic. Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them for almost anything and […]