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How prepaid models are helping Pay TV operators in increasing their revenues?

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Jan, 2018

Prepaid Model continues to be one of the strongest growth engines in Pay TV industry with yearly service revenues expected to reach over $200 billion by 2019. It is estimated that prepaid subscribers will account for nearly 80% of the worldwide subscriber base. Operators understand that the prepaid strategies they adopt today will have a major impact on future profitability. Prepaid Model allows reduction of bad accounts, better cash flow management, predict usage and set up network resources. Prepaid options open up services to a broad range of customers while […]


OTT Everywhere……

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Sep, 2017

Last few quarters it’s OTT Everywhere. Broadcasters to Content Houses to startups to operators, everyone’s talking OTT. It all looks exciting, but the big question – what’s the Success Factors? and what draws viewers to a platform.  According to me Content, Pricing, Ease of use and Analytics/Recommendations will define the success of the platform. Content: While the flexibility to watch content anywhere anytime is exciting, it’s the content that matters. Operators will have to find the right mix of Broadbased and Niche content. So no loyalty here and who grabs […]


Drivers and Challenges for Broadcasters, Content owners and Pay TV operators to launch OTT

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Apr, 2017

Online video consumption has grown at an amazing pace. Consumers want to view their choice of content anytime, anywhere. Further they prefer to pay only for what they view. OTT allows content owners to have a wider reach and direct access to consumers. They can understand the viewing patterns and accordingly push relevant content. Broadcasters, content owners and Pay TV operators are moving towards OTT to protect their turf in the market and stay ahead of the competition. Key to success would be to understand the drivers of OTT, technologies […]


Monetize Your Services Choose the right SMS system to reduce churn and increase ARPUs

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Dec, 2013

Indian television industry is going through a transformation. Impending Analogue Switch off and New Media like OTT present an immense opportunity and challenge. Pay TV operators should also address the changing consumer and regulatory demands of varied content, better quality, improved service qualities etc; all at economical price points. Especially the CableTV operators have an exciting time ahead. They have to invest and put in place the required infrastructure for Digitalization, get the content, abide by TRAI regulations etc; within the short deadlines. In this entire process of Digitization, The […]


Challenges plaguing Indian Pay TV Industry are Disguised Opportunities

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Sep, 2013

In India, the Television revolution that started in early 80s with a government-owned Doordarshan, experienced its first major boom in early 90s with the introduction of cable TV. For the first time, Indian audiences experienced 24-by-7 TV and more than one channel; besides the quality of content not possible with government produced content. The next leg of the revolution hit when a few major players, some of them strongly present in Telecom, entered the Television Industry through satellite TV, providing a direct-to-home connectivity. This, along with the introduction of Digital […]