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A New Era of Wireless Communication: LI-FI Over WI-FI

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Oct, 2016


Introduction of Wi-Fi:

In current days, it is really hard to imagine what human life would be like if there was no internet. We would have to send letters in order to be in touch with our loved ones, a study session in libraries will become different and a bank work would require lengthA new era of Wireless Communicationy queues as well. The shopping of any goods will require us to visit all the nearest shops and to look around a wide range of products.

When the internet came into the limelight, it changed the world and also brought a new revolution in human life. The world could be in touch and access a wide range of things in no time and at the touch of a button. The best part is that how people connect with each other using social media or applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook, Slack etc. Now, everyone using smartphones an dreading news, e-books, chatting etc.

Then came a totally new technology Wi-Fi. Initially, it just made life easier at home and workplace. Using ‘hotspot’ feature it becomes easy to access a device’s internet by other devices. Nowadays, people can access Wi-Fi facility nearly everywhere like hospitals, schools, shopping malls, railway stations and bus stations. The revolution of Wi-Fi has dramatically increased the use of the internet in present days. The potential of Wi-Fi technology is undoubtedly endless. It allows students to access information about anything, policeman to track the previous record of a criminal, doctors to perform complex operations easily and people are using the same to get in touch with loved ones, friends, and family through social media and other channels.

Advantages of Wi-Fi:

  • Convenience: The Wi-Fi being a wireless technology  allow users to access network resources from  any convenient location within their primary networking environment, its a great advantage for the people at schools, offices, hospitals.
  • Ease of Installation: Wi-Fi technology is easy to install.
  • Mobility:Users can even access the internet outside their normal work environment.
  • Productivity: Users linked to a wireless network can keep a constant affiliation with their preferred network as they move from place to place.
  • Expandability: Wireless networks can provide an increased number of clients with the existing equipment.
  • Wi-Fi OffloadingMobile operators can manage cellular data networks in an affordable and flexible way by offloading users from the 3G/4G network to Wi-Fi networks.

Introduction of Li-Fi Technology:

Li-Fi works 100 times faster than standard Wi-Fi.

What is Li-Fi? Know more about it.

Light Fidelity is a technology which uses light to transmit high-speed data instead of radio waves like in Wi-Fi. It can be even considered as a light based Wi-Fi. It is a transmission of data through light, sending data through a light bulb that varies intensity faster than the human eye can follow.

Although radio spectrum is congested but the requirement for wireless data doubles each year. Everything seems to use wireless data but the capacity is drying up and which causes drawbacks like capacity, availability, security, and efficiency.

Li-Fi has the vantage of being useful in electromagnetic sensitive areas like aircraft cabins, hospitals and nuclear power plants without causing electromagnetic interference.

So what can carry this excess demand in future??

Li-Fi i.e. Light Fidelity is such a technology that has great potential and might replace radio waves for wireless communication. Li-Fi works by transferring data through the flickering of light in an LED bulb billions of times per second. Now each and every flicker corresponds to binary data i.e. 1s and 0s which computers read and thus a receiver attached to the computer converts this flickering back into data.

Advantages of Li-Fi:

  1. Li-Fi is safe because it does not use radio waves which are harmful to humans as they can penetrate the body.
  2. Since there will be no signal penetration, Li-Fi is very secure.
  3. Li-Fi works even under water so it is useful in several sectors.
  4. The data transfer rates are great.
  5. There are many applications of Li-Fi in various areas e.g. Health sector, Safety, Airlines, Underwater communications, etc.
  6. Higher speeds than Wi-Fi.
  7. 10000 times the frequency spectrum of radio.
  8. More secure because data cannot be intercepted without a clear line of sight.
  9. Prevents piggybacking.
  10. Eliminates neighboring network interference.
  11. Unimpeded by radio interference.
  12. Does not create interference in sensitive electronics, making it better for use in environments like hospitals, schools and aircraft.

Disadvantages of Li-Fi:

We know that nothing can be perfect in this world. Li-Fi has some disadvantages:

  1. Light can’t pass through objects or walls.
  2. Li-Fi requires the computer to be in the line of sight to be able to transmit data.
  3. High installation cost of the VLC System.

Comparison between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi:

  1. Li-Fi uses Light instead of radio waves to transmit information.
  2. Li-Fi uses transceiver fitted LED Lamps that can not only transmit and receive information but also light a room while Wi-Fi uses Wi-Fi modems.
  3. Wi-Fi is great for general wireless coverage and Li-Fi is ideal for high density wireless data coverage.

No doubt LIFI has some disadvantages but it shows a great advancement in the world of wireless technology. It is hitting almost all sectors and definitely going to be a boon for us. LIFI technology has shown a lot of improvements since it has discovered. So Li-Fi will help us in proceeding towards a greener, safer and brighter future.

Like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi is wireless and uses similar 802.11 protocols. But it utilizes visible light communication (instead of radio frequency waves), which has much better bandwidth.

Li-Fi innovation will in future empower speedier, more solid web associations, notwithstanding when the interest for information use has outgrown the accessible supply from existing advances, for example, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi. It won’t supplant these innovations, however will work flawlessly close by them.

Utilizing light to convey remote web will likewise permit network in situations that don’t at present promptly bolster Wi-Fi, for example, airplane lodges, healing centers and perilous situations.

Light is as of now utilized for information transmission as a part of fiber-optic links and for point to point joins, yet Li-Fi is an exceptional and novel blend of innovations that permit it to be all around embraced for portable ultra fast web correspondences.

By : Anurag Bose

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