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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Broadband Business in 2014

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Jan, 2014


Happy holidays to you, your family and staff from all of us at SURE!. I hope this holiday season is full of joy and celebration.
And, while you’re gearing up with new plans for the coming year, I hope you take a moment to think of innovative and better ways to delight your customers.
Here are our suggestions on ways you can use our award-winning SURE! suite of software solutions to delight your customers.

Resolution #1 – Find Ways to Increase ARPU

Are all your customers aware of the bouquet of products / services that you offer? Is your value proposition to them communicated clearly and frequently? Make a resolution to communicate your full menu of services so that your customers can take advantage of them, helping you boost average revenue per user. This way, you will have more opportunities to serve them and create a positive reinforcement time and again. It is highly likely that he / she will abandon others as he / she will have more reasons to be with you when you delight your customers consistently.

Resolution #2 – Be relevant and Contextual

Rather than quizzing your customers to figure out what they like, look for tell-tale signs, equip yourselves with enough ammunition to read it and act on it immediately. Make a resolution that your communication across channels will be consistent; you will provide recommendations that are contextual and relevant to the customer rather than pushing out mass mailers / bulk SMSs to them and hope for a great conversion rate.

Resolution #3 – Be Nimble

As soon as you identify that the customer is expecting a certain kind of product / service from you or you sense a demand in the coming days / months, make a resolution that you will be the first one to provide it to your customer and your prospective customers. This way you not only retain him but also make him your brand advocate who believes in you and searches for your bouquet of products first, whenever he / she has a need rather than search for an alternative i.e., a competitor in disguise. Plan your priorities in such a way that your systems and company ecosystem are nimble and can adapt to change easily. A system limitation in introducing products that will fly is the last thing you want to have this year.

Resolution #4 – Improve Your Field Productivity

Empower your field force like never before. Give them tools to make your customer experience a memorable one the first time and every time. Give them the power of real-time. Be it updates, trouble tickets, new customer acquisition, new opportunity identification – the field agent should be empowered to execute it within minutes and should be rewarded instantly. This not only motivates them but also arrests revenue leakages in your system. Visit our blog for 5 Ways to Make Your Field Force More Productive

Resolution #5 – The 80-20 rule

To be a market leader and a growth hacker who is conscious of the fact that customer churn is something that is constant in life, 80% of your time should be in strategizing and thinking what to do to retain your customers and 20% or probably less than that of your time in executing your strategies. Have the right players who can help you in realizing your vision, the right ones who can manage your business and operations. It is good to hand it over to someone who knows the nuts and bolts of it and sit back to enjoy the fruits of their learning in the domain. Read our whitepaper on ’9 Reasons Why You Should NOT Build Your Own Billing and CRM System’ to know how SURE! Can make your job simpler and easier.

What other New Year’s resolutions are you making for your broadband business/ broadband billing business in 2014? Do let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

By : Madhavi Natukula

Madhavi Natukula heads Global Strategy & Marketing for the Telecom & Broadband vertical in Magnaquest Technologies. She is passionate about disruptive innovations and technology marketing. Helps sell emerging technology fast. An avid reader, happy wife and a go-getter.

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