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5 Ways to Make your Field Force more productive

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Jan, 2014


In my previous article ‘Monetizing Broadband through Field Force: The Next Step towards Bridging the Gaps’, I spoke about WHY the solution in the hands of the field agent which is strong enough can enable your field agent to turn around the morale of a troublesome customer into a brand advocate. Let us discuss the HOW about the same.

A drill down approach into the intricacies of operations will expose many pot holes / short comings / challenges in managing day to day transactions. However, a robust solution can enable your field force and turn this around while enhancing their productivity.

ideal field force automation platform should bring a mix of flexibility to adapt to the operator needs while being able to bring the industry best practices to the operator business process. Below are some such aspects that leading field force automation providers have developed based on the compelling need in the market. These practices allow the existing service providers to make the best out of the available solutions without re-inventing the wheel.

  • Multi facet mobile platform for multi skilled work force Operator are increasingly deploying multi skilled work force to handle the customer premise challenges. While this is optimizing the work force productivity, field force should be enabled with a strong and dependable solution with a holistic understanding of the functions of this new age work force and should be able to bring the best practices to the table while being flexible enough to adopt to the emerging needs of the operators. From capturing customer details for order booking to updating a ticket, it is very important that the mobile platform should be able to handle everything seamlessly.
  • Understanding Management, not micromanagement Operators should have control over their resources activities, should be able to track their activities, measure their performance and reward accordingly. At the same time the management should be careful not to micro manage, which might lead to drop in employee morale. It is very important to mutually understand and respects the thin red line between management and micromanagement.
  • Rewarding proactive field agents Field agents are generally faced with surprise questions from irregularities in payment details to bad service quality. The field agent should have the complete information (360 degree view) preferably on a single screen of the customer at the tip of the hands to understand the problem and act on it.
  • Reward performance, right now. Rewards are the best incentives. Rewarding the employees based on their performance should be done automatically based on pre-defined rules and logic. Field force management platform today has the ability to update a performance related metric like collection of outstanding payment should be immediately trigger the rewarding mechanism on real time. This not only motivates the field force to do more but also curbs any revenue leakage due to cumbersome manual updates by data entry agents.
  • Resource optimization Optimal utilization of resources has been a key challenge for the ISPs in making the most out of their operations. A set process towards work force management and tools enabled with features like GPS tracking providing the real- time location information of the filed agent will help define the time and effort towards day to day activities while maintaining check points for measuring resource optimization.

Field force today play a variety of roles and the roles are emerging and are continuously going transformation. There should be one platform that should be able to understand and manage the entire workflow to optimize the resource utilization and follow a sustainable reward policy. The platform should be able to adopt the best practices in the market while it adapts to the specific needs of the operator.

By : Kasyapa Malladi

KasyapaMalladi works with SURE! as a Product Marketing Specialist in Broadband. Kasyapa specializes in budget based marketing campaigns, strategy implementation in developing economies and in fostering and sustaining partnerships. Kasyapa’s experience includes Marketing Strategy for Cloud products in developed markets.

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