Do you provide Internet? What’s your ‘take’ on change?

Creating differentiation in the communication business is no longer a choice; perhaps it is the way of business today. Also, it is not an annual exercise any longer; it requires your constant attention in order to delight your customers for the first time and forever. In order to do this, your internal systems need to share your rigour and also support you in bringing out change that is demanded (stated or unstated) by your customers. A robust broadband billing system is one such internal control that requires being up to date and relevant in the constantly changing communication landscape.

Change is the only constant

Why do you think Apple is successful today? Because people welcome change for good and are more receptive to new things especially when it comes to technology. The needs don’t have to be stated as always. It is important that you understand the telltale signs of your customer and be prepared to serve him today, tomorrow and many more years to come.

Even if (s)he subtly expects you to know and predict his desires and expectations from you (needs and wants, I assume, you are already taking care of). Of course, the choice is entirely yours if you want to be reactive and think –  ‘my Billing and CRM system is working fine and meeting my current needs, why should I even take the gigantic task of transforming into a better one that offers you agility, comfort and loads of cost savings? If you have clarity on that, I rest my case.

Billing isn’t static technology

Usually, any large-scale change that might impact customers is going to cause a rush-to-judgment criticism like, “If it isn’t broke, do not fix it.” But for technology businesses, such short-sighted views do not work; especially if you are forward looking and want to increase or at least retain your current market position.

A Billing System’s woes should not worry you from embracing change

Old technology has to be replaced if you need to be relevant in the market. Your customers, your partners and everyone who are serving you would require your services that embrace change on the one hand and embark on a journey that is going to be simpler, faster & convenient on the other.

Kudos to operators who have the foresight to think ahead and make the decision to replace an outdated billing solution.  They are focused on bringing the latest technologies and service offerings to both their customers and their business.  New Billing and CRM systems that can optimize operations, support new products and services, and offer excellent customer experience, is an investment for a company’s long-term ability to grow.
To summarize, an advanced Billing and CRM system can help you achieve your goals.

  • Do more with Less: Use less amount of resources while rolling out new products to customers and make changes instantly after analyzing their success.
  • Transparency: Offer transparency and control to customers so that they feel more content on their spend in order to avail different services from the operator.
  • Arrest revenue leakages: The Billing and CRM system gives a clear view of pockets that are bottlenecks and where there is a scope for revenue leakages. Operators can then automate workflows and also check the success of the exercise easily. Automation not only saves resources but also makes it easy to audit regularly, especially when something goes wrong, they can fix it instantaneously.
  • Cost savings: Automating workflows reduces the load on service calls as the probability of error comes down when workflows are properly identified and automated in the right manner. As the time and effort saved can be used for initiatives that delight the customer through an increase in customer experience levels.
  • From days to minutes: The Service activation process can be brought down to minutes by enabling the Field Sales and Customer Service team through an advanced Billing and CRM system.

No disputes on the fact that the process of change is painful and might wreak havoc when things fall out of place. US Cellular faced problems in their billing system transformation; the same can happen to anyone if one has not chosen the right partner and has not planned migration well. But imagine: ‘when planned properly, and executed with precision with the help of an able billing partner, the billing system can pave the way  for your success in becoming one of the leading  players in the market’.  What do you think? DO let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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