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Apr, 2014


Ever tried explaining how a new tablet works or how to access one’s mail over the phone to an elderly person. You will find it steep to get the message across (with a few exceptions, of course). Day to day life of the young today is highly complicated. They are in a maze of devices and varied interfaces and have to access them just to get through the day. Thankfully, GEN Y is intuitive enough to handle all sorts of interfaces they encounter every day. But, what makes things complicated is when they pay up. When you use something all you have to figure out is to understand the interface, but when you pay for a service, consumers try to understand what they are actually paying for and they will not let go unless they truly feel they are paying for something they are using as initially agreed upon. This is the reason why you hear fights over the customer support line of a many customer services company.

Consumers today look for two things when they are paying for services, transparency of bill and knowledge of what they are paying for. These are two simple things customers expect but are enormously difficult to address. In the subscription scenario, it gets worse as the customer retention is a huge challenge for companies that have forayed into competitive markets. A customer who has been happy with an operator for years can lose his / her faith on the service provider over just one misunderstanding and add 2 more to that; one might just lose him forever. These are some of the basic challenges operators face in a typical subscription driven business model. However, as mentioned above, these scenarios can be generalized to any number of subscription based business models and hence a common solution can address these challenges. The ideal solution for the above mentioned problems is clear broadband bill presentment and by that I don’t mean itemized billing.

A consumer should be presented with an appropriate bill explaining him what (s)he is paying for, what is the breakup, how can (s)he control what services (s)he uses and accordingly pay, etc., not to forget – it should be customized to one person on a case by case basis. The need for the same should be emphasized and followed at an organization level to increase the consumer’s trust and improve customer retention.

With all the things in the world, convenience is open to interpretation based on the context. True convenience in using a service is in knowing and understanding what you are paying for and not having to double check a hundred times before you know you are not being taken for a ride. Convenience in today’s world is the peace of mind that one gives to their end customers with excellent services that include clarity and transparency in monetary aspects.

By : Kasyapa Malladi

KasyapaMalladi works with SURE! as a Product Marketing Specialist in Broadband. Kasyapa specializes in budget based marketing campaigns, strategy implementation in developing economies and in fostering and sustaining partnerships. Kasyapa’s experience includes Marketing Strategy for Cloud products in developed markets.

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