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Dec, 2013


In the recent WiMAX Africa 2013, I had the opportunity to talk about “Delivering Profitable Wireless broadband in Africa”. Over 150 telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, government organizations, solution providers, and media representatives attended the event, which was held the day before the opening of Informa Telecom and Media’s AfricaCom, the largest African telecom exhibition and conference.

The focus of the Operator Summit was to support the African operator community in developing and managing profitable growth of WiMAX and multi-platform network deployments. By highlighting the opportunities, challenges, and strategies involved in operating a profitable WiMAX network in Africa, the event presented an opportunity for all participants – both operators and vendors – to meet, exchange ideas, and develop business and cooperative relationships

I was the first speaker in WiMAX Africa 2013. I elaborated on how a WiMAX operator run his business based on the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success stated in the book “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burgan and John D.Mann. This is how I did it…

The Law of Value

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment

If your customer Mr.Mark wants to access his e-mails, attend an urgent office conference, watch his favorite game online while holidaying on a remote hill station, you will do it for him.

If Mrs. Mark initiates a cellular call from home and then goes to office, which provides WiMAX and VoIP, and the call should be seamlessly handed off to the WiMAX network once she is in the office premises, you will do it for her.

Imagine you providing internet services free of cost provided Mr. Mark accepts ads on his devices using WiMAX, paying only for the application or content consumed because in those areas only as advertising subsidy model works. For capturing this market, you will agree to it and work on the same model.

Imagine similar situations involving multiple carriers, multiple application providers, multiple content providers, multiple advertisers, multiple access technologies and more. It is complex and an even crazier picture to imagine the permutation and combinations involved, but you still do it because that is what your customer desires.

The Law of Compensation

Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them

Your strategy is to make Mr. Mark your customer for life, your brand advocate and make him look to you the moment he needs a new service/new product.

The Law of Influence

Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first

You would want to be the first one to identify your customer’s stated/unstated needs and be quick enough to meet it. You would want your main objective to be affectively meeting the need rather than thinking about the internal IT system’s feasibility, capability and etc.


The Law of Authenticity

The valuable gift you have is yourself only you

You would want to establish that you are the only one who can provide the service effectively with respect to cost and quality of service in your area of operation. You would want you customer to be assured of the fact that no one else can be as effective as you.

The Law of Receptivity

Effective giving is to stay open

You would want to be nimble and ready to embrace change if customer asks for it (explicitly/subtly). You make new relationships, change your service delivery; embrace a new ecosystem if that is convenient to your customer.

This is an ideal state that we are talking of. If I have to give it a name, I would term it as “An Operator’s Dream”. In order to realize this dream, you need an enabler,

  • An enabler that understands the cost of your business operations, your scalability needs and gives you Business and Operations support systems that do not break your back; instead they grow with you maximizing your ROI at every juncture. You could be a start-up operator or someone who is expanding your service portfolio into WiMAX services – the enabler gives you a solutions that fits your business
  • An enabler who understands that solution deployment time is crucial for you in order to start monetizing the platform very early
  • An enabler to support inbound & outbound roaming, facilitating roaming agreements with partners, perform up-to-date service billing, seamlessly perform revenue sharing and no-hassles settlement
  • An enabler that makes Lead-to-Cash process easy. The Build-Manage-Grow process managed at its best
  • Effective authentication, Authorization and Accounting set-up so that there is no revenue leakage and restriction of access to a walled garden and shaping traffic based on configurable rules(without any manual intervention)
  • An enabler that provides a Product Catalogue Management that enables operators define and offer new services in a no-painstaking manner
  • Charging & Billing easily managed in a pre-paid and post-paid set-up or a combination of both
  • If a voucher needs to be generated to manage the service provided, the enabler helps to create and manage it (via a scratch card, ATM, IVR, web pages etc.)
  • Helps in analyzing consumer consumption pattern, preparing a presentation-ready report for business owners to take decisions
  • Enabler that provides self-care portals, captive portals for your consumers to feel they have more control on their spend and for the operator to monetize
  • An enabler that gives you the ability to easily integrate with the ecosystem partners
  • An enabler that helps you resolve customer issues in time, reducing churn through their effective Issue Management system.

SURE!, A Magnaquest Product, can be their enabler as it is designed based on the characteristics of the enabler mentioned so far. SURE! via its 150+ customers across 25+ countries enabled millions of subscribers derive value from their providers while maximizing provider revenues and is ready to solve WiMAX operator’s challenges. As a team, we believe in the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success. That is how we drive our business and that is also how we help people who are associated with us drive their businesses. Tell me if you believe the same. I’d love to hear.

About WiMAX Africa 2013

The WiMAX Forum®, the global body that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products based on IEEE Standard 802.16, on Novemebr 11, 2013 hosted the WiMAX Africa 2013 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre in Cape Town, South Africa. The event was sponsored by Magnaquest.

By : Madhavi Natukula

Madhavi Natukula heads Global Strategy & Marketing for the Telecom & Broadband vertical in Magnaquest Technologies. She is passionate about disruptive innovations and technology marketing. Helps sell emerging technology fast. An avid reader, happy wife and a go-getter.

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