Importance of Subscriber Analytics & How it can be a benefit for ISPs

Subscriber analytics overview-

Ability to manage the subscribers and subscriptions is a priority requirement to be followed by the service providers. This makes the company better in terms of managing their customers and their services. Over the past few years, it has become a major difference and achievement as the MSOs are increasingly uplifting the customer experience. Let it be any device whether a smart-phone or a tablet and a video or even the security features , the network technologies is rapidly enhancing and taking over the more diverse and managed platforms.

With the evolvement of Subscriber Analytics, the service providers are driving deep into the Customer experience and the relativity. Special focus is driven toward the Customer Experience Maturity Curve and on the procedure on how to take care on the analytics. The prime objective has become to reach the optimization stage of the curve, as it has been suggested as the objective for cable MSOs.

Residential gateways (RGWs), Smart TVs, Smart-phones or even Tablets are the devices of the modern technological phase.  These are the main devices responsible to generate huge amount of consumption and performance data.

Subscriber analytics empowers administrators with business insight that gathers data from different system and IT frameworks and associate the effect of numerous parameters to investigate and subsequently produce dashboard based reports and screen them.

Enhancing Primary concern Development for Each Supporter – comprehend your endorsers, manufacture the right offers without loosing budgetary control and knowledge.

How are the cable broadband in the US analyzed by the Subscriber Analytics

All over the world, the cable broadband subscribers are expected to increase from 172.05 million in 2016.

Cable broadband market has been noticing a considerable gain in the US market as per the Strategy Analytics. According to the Strategy Analytics Service Provider report, the performance of Broadband Service Provider Performance Benchmark is a factor that noted the top nineteen stalked operators in the US. It stated that this growth became strong by the year 2015, as it added 2.1million new subscribers through the third quarter.  Comcast and Time Warner cable made the US broadband subscriptions take a kick start during the third quarter, where 552,000 new subscribers were added to the network. This was the time when overall cable subscribers reached to 804,000 subscribed members.

How are the cable broadband in the US analyzed by the Subscriber Analytics

The broadband cable market share magnification is helping to operate the whole US’s fixed broadband growth. Following the report of the year 2015, there was also a contrary part which suggested the challenges faced by certain service providers. The report also stated the overall broadband subscriber growth to be around 1 million in the past year, because some service providers lost their subscribers.

Big names like AT&T and Verizon faced this competition and here AT&T lost 106,000 subscribers and Verizon did not gain much of the interest as only a rise on 2,000 was observed. Total fixed broadband household penetration approached to 80%, while the cable providers got the share of subscription which upgraded to more than 62%. This growth was analyzed and reported by the Strategy Analytics Service Provider Strategies service report.

Importance of Subscriber Analytics:

The Subscriber Analytics is a treat for the both sides- service providers and the subscription holders (subscribers). This generated a lot of information that operators collects, then stores and further analyzes it to generate a detailed report. It majorly manages and optimizes customer experience in the connected home. Here, it can be all about the services like Wi-Fi, video-streaming, Securing the internet and how it is being delivered to the broadband subscribers.

The main analytics and the data can be used by the cable operators to manage and analyze this connected home.

It follows and checks on the factors-

  • Home device connectivity and its usage
  • Performance of the home device
  • Customer experience on the online video quality i.e. quality of experience (QoE).
  • Securing the internet and providing malware protection.
  • Measuring, providing, optimizing and growing the subscriber’s experience.

The care analytics grips the wealth of intelligence which is present in default within the customer care sessions. It is associated with the proper workflow and creates efficient steps to perform the customer care process.

The expense and time connected with subscriber information integration and migration are substantial barriers to subscriber tiding projects.

This is where the care analytics allows the broadband cable operators to:

  • Give a quick identification anomaly.
  • Implement different improvement programs and understand the behavior of the broadband subscribers.
  • Create, build and maintain the complete culture which spreads the Customer Experience (CX) with supremacy.
  • Achieve business goals with customer satisfaction, loyalty of brand and the subscriber Average Revenue per Use.
  • Keep continuity in the process of upgrading and improving the customer care process and technical advancements.

Data Points used and what they convey

As we talk about the Subscriber Analytics, the key points which an operator keeps in their list for compiling the complete analysis-

  1. Home Device and Home Network Analytics– This permits the operators to accumulate device and home network data. And after this the resulting intelligence is used in to uncover, detect and reconcile issues.Video Analytics over Online Content
  2. Video Analytics over Online Content-Here the combined data that is fetched from the video player plug-ins, QoE
    and CDNs become the representatives to measure the subscriber’s Quality of Experience and further evaluate the viewing trends. It also appraises the content usage and the performance of the CDNs.
  3. Security Analytics– The security analytics is mainly a help to set up and possess a safe home network environment. With this, it provides a complete and detailed network-based analysis which gives the overview of the traffic in the network. This generates the report and gives a scenario of the internet traffic for malware and protects the subscriber’s network.
  4. The Care Analytics- It grasps the affluence of intelligence which is by default placed within the customer care sessions. It also adheres to the creation of efficient customer care process.

With the emergence of Subscriber Analytics, operators are able to identify the emerging subscribers, existing customers and visualize the workflow statistics to get a quick identification towards the optimization techniques.  There are several areas where the broadband operators can switch their analytics into. And, with this they can manage the connected home, and continuously evolve by taking the advantage of the home device and the home network analytics, the analysis of the online video, security over the network and the customer care analytics.

Around the globe, administration suppliers are in a fight to stay pertinent in the hearts, brains and wallets of endorsers.

Yesterday’s call to war of quicker systems, select telephones and content and boundless arrangements, have been overwhelmed by the consistency of close general scope, pervasive propelled gadgets, the ascent of over-the-top (OTT) suppliers, and the lockstep walk to metered plans.

Today’s telecom battleground has developed into separated and customized encounters that convey consistency, worth and quality.

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