Monetizing Broadband through Field Force: The Next Step towards Bridging the Gaps

Until a few years ago, broadband providers / ISPs had a hard time convincing their target customers about the benefits of using the Internet.

Broadband today is more of a basic necessity than a luxury or even a need. People rely on broadband for many things in their daily life from buying grocery to staying in touch with their loved ones.

People from across the world are increasingly adopting the technology and adapting to the fact that it (broadband) is an integral part of their life-style. This is where the business challenge has metamorphosed into a social question, which is as basic as, “why should one pay for water, which is a natural resource?”

For operators who are selling service, which has almost become a basic necessity for their customers, is increasingly becoming a challenge for customers to find the right value proposition in their offerings. Operators today, are in a continuous quest for finding new ways to infuse excitement into the offering and substitute the depleting value towards the core service i.e., the Internet.

Two ways: Instill confidence in service quality and elevate customer delight. This can make the difference between a good ISP and a not so good ISP. Today’s customer is treated really well by companies selling them things they use in their everyday life, they let them ship to their home and this has resulted in a surge in overall customer expectation from their service providers, including Internet service providers. ISPs are always smart enough to recognize this and are inching towards enhancing customer expectations and in some cases in a big way.

But what does it mean to the ISP’s operations? This is a big question so as to keep the delight intact for the Internet operator also. These ever soaring customer expectations should not bleed the operator dry, which is a possible scenario if the operator is not careful. Operators need to equip themselves with solutions that understand subscribers’ emerging requirements in order to address them successfully.

The role of a field agent is complex in many ways as he is the human who serves customers. He is the first person to bear the brunt if a customer goes around the bend. If the solution in the hands of the field agent is strong enough, it can enable your field agent to turn around the morale of a troublesome customer into a brand advocate. This might be an ideal situation that every operator envisions but it is important to understand the role of a strong Field Force platform with strong integration with the Billing System. What do you think about it? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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