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Rising Demand for WiFi on Airports and in Airplanes

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Oct, 2016



In the current era, internet connectivity is very important. The passengers at the airport or in flight don’t just want to appreciate the environment but they try to be able to tweet about everything, immediately and also with photos and selfies and some will read e-books, play games and wath videos on their devices. If you have ever been stuck at any airport then you will come to know that it can be a very dull place. A research state that, near about 71% of international flyers expect free WiFi at airports or in an airplane either important or extremely important. Many airports and airline service providers are responding to provide such features to their passengers. Some of them are also allowing their passengers to access the internet over Wi-Fi for free as well. Most of the people have smartphones these days and in order to use such phone smartly, one must connect the internet with it. So the Wi-Fi services became more important on airports and airplanes. Below we will discuss the growing demand for Wi-Fi services on Airports and Airplanes and also the importance of providing Wi-Fi services in such places.

In India, only international airlines such as Emirates, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines offer Internet connectivity on flights.

Today, network is substantially more imperative. Travelers would prefer just not to respect the perspective, or whine around a supper to their neighbor – they hope to have the capacity to tweet about it, quickly, finish with pictures.

Requirement of Wi-Fi on Airports & Airplanes:

The people are addicted to their smartphones now and they don’t like to be disconnected from it. They want to be connected to the internet for so many reasons such as to learn something, reading blogs and news, sharing thoughts, social activities or to chat with their relatives and dear ones. This is why a huge requirement arises to enable WiFi services on Airport as well as in Airplanes. But on the other hand, pRising Demand for WiFi on Airports and in Airplanesroviding Wi-Fi services in such places will bring very different challenges as well. The Wi-Fi network of such hotspots are challenged with the demand of a mixture of wifi users with various requirements and habits. The service must ensure that it is covering the most of the Airport space, allowing a high number of users to connect through it and also handle the varying and irregular peaks of internet consumption.

The people are getting addicted to the internet and flying on a plane without Wi-Fi can prove devastating. The demand for inflight Wi-Fi service is growing rapidly. Some of the Airports over the World and Airline services are already providing such Wi-Fi services. These services became more valuable for those who are running their own business, company or organization, as they might need to connect with their employees, managers or stakeholders at any time. On the other hand, common people have different choices like e-reading, chatting, video browsing etc., and requirement of Wi-Fi services on airplane and airports.

While providing Wi-Fi, the providers should also consider security issues, because now a days, the cyber crime are more.

Importance of providing Wi-Fi services:

The connectivity will not only benefit consumers directly, but it will become the fuel on which so many airports will run in future. The service will be used by passengers, flyers, people who are waiting for next floghts and airport staffs as well. In flights, the passengers will access Wi-Fi to share their experience on social media or for entertainment purpose or to communicate with their loved ones or for their business as well. If the service went down in any case then modern airport facilities would struggle to cope and passengers will be distracted and get bored in no time with out any entertainment.

At the Airport, people are willing to pass their time while waiting for flights. If they can have access to Wi-Fi services and do some stuff such as chatting, watching videos or some kind of social activities it colud be better for the passengers. The flyers at least expect to use some of the basic internet services and applications that help them to entertain or get connected with their friends, family, and relatives while waiting for flight. It becomes more important for business class people to get a good internet service to cummunicate with their partners or colleagues and can manage thier business over the internet while traveling also. A free Wi-Fi service will help them in any case!

It is very clear that the Internet of Everything is happening, and Wi-Fi is a fundamental route for the internet. So, it could be so better for the people travelling in flights to have an internet service.

As far back as the FAA reported it would permit the utilization of little compact electronic gadgets amid all periods of flight – from take-off to landing – aircrafts have rushed to say, they’re locally available with this, as well.

In any case, the same number of media reports have called attention to, most aircrafts can’t offer a consistent ordeal yet in light of the fact that they depend on “Wi-Fi administrations that utilization air-to-ground towers like cellphones” and these administrations (like Gogo) are intended to be controlled up at 10,000 feet.

Wi-Fi or cell network to the web is vital to the capacity of buyers to influence the full force of cell phones. To fulfill purchasers, availability is requested far from the home and office. Availability amid air travel, whether at the air terminal or on-load up the plane, is no exemption. Carriers have altogether expanded the accessibility of and rates of Wi-Fi that is accessible to travelers in-flight. Be that as it may, not all aircrafts are equivalent in their offerings of in-flight availability.

By : Ramakrishna Mashetty

Ramakrishna Mashetty is The Chief Marketing officer of SURE! (a Magnaquest product).SURE! is an internationally acclaimed player in comprehensive end-to-end Subscription Business Solutions for PayTV, Broadband and Cloud Computing businesses – through deployment of Metered Billing, CRM, Service Fulfillment, Value-Added Services, and Managed Services.

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