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Trois-Vous – 3 years @ Magnaquest

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Mar, 2013


So, what is so great about sticking with someone for 3 years? For an impatient GenY guy who is always searching for excitement in what he does, it is a big deal. Let us forget for a moment that Magnaquest is leading billing systems and service fulfillment service provide with more than alpha number of deployments in beta number of countries and practically the best at what it does because that does not have anything to do with making the work place exciting. However, the same things that make it so good at what it does also make one’s working there exciting.

So here I go:

Creativity is part of mainstream Productivity

If you are not creative, you are not productive. Markets are large and competitive. Differentiation comes only from creativity. Understanding the value proposition and business sense in this is vital (but then I am not lecturing about business sense, am I?). It also makes the jobs of people like me interesting and productive i.e. sustainable (like me working here for 3 years).

We are smart (don’t believe me? Check out my solution)

We are serious about our work. We make billing system and service fulfillment for Telecom and Broadband operators (you know what we’re called? SURE!, now ain’t that too cool), which means if our solution fails you can’t call your friends or can’t access your Facebook account, which makes our products business-vitals. Our customers are demanding and deployments are critical. So what does it have to do with my working here? Experiencing the rush of deadline and working in a high stakes environment makes “being smart” a survival instinct.

People Matter! (Oh, yeah! Always!)

In any organization around the world, it is people who run the companies into sky high profits or sink their companies into the marina trench. People make their companies technology innovators. It is people who create companies that change the lives of people for good. Organizations have always been and always will be about its stake holders (No! not just about shareholders). If people are not happy, creative, and productive and are cribbing about being in the office on Monday morning, it is difficult for companies to sustain or to make a difference.

I may say Magnaquest is all that I just wrote about and you might not believe me. But then remember, this is my first job. (wink, wink!!!) Check out my profile:

By : Kasyapa Malladi

KasyapaMalladi works with SURE! as a Product Marketing Specialist in Broadband. Kasyapa specializes in budget based marketing campaigns, strategy implementation in developing economies and in fostering and sustaining partnerships. Kasyapa’s experience includes Marketing Strategy for Cloud products in developed markets.

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