Get ready for 2015: Move to SURE! and be sure on becoming a smarter enterprise

Cloud is an instant success with its convergent service delivery capabilities. With an aim to leverage the cloud potential, cloud service providers are adopting convergence medium. It is no surprise that we can imagine a segregated market in near future. In the outset, Service Providers are under tremendous pressure to optimize their operations, offer profitable services and properly tracking customer experience with the intention to increase revenues and maximize the profits. At the same time Cloud technology has opened up lot of opportunities to the service providers with flexible business models and multiple revenue streams.

Keeping in view of the aforementioned aspects, the market is demanding sophisticated Cloud Billing & Subscription management software which is modular, convergent compliant and suit different needs of the service providers. Such software will have the capability to handle not only the depth of the cloud service provider’s requirements, but also can accommodate the complex and dynamic business flows and models. On top of this, the billing systems can be used to schedule and automate the entire IT operations for the service provider since it is very critical for improving the effectiveness and hence profit margins. Hence, the success to any service provider lies in selecting a right solution from the right vendor at the right time.

When the service providers decide to procure a new subscriber management and Billing platform or looking to replace their existing legacy system with feature rich , highly flexible, scalable and convergent solution, quite often they land up at cross road to pick best solution from the available lot and very few will make wise decision. The smart move is to always look out for a solution which carries more references similar to their business model or operations, future proof and of course which comes at low cost of ownership (TCO).

SURE! is one such single stop solution for all these kind of market requirements. Its flexible functionality not only encompasses the dynamic business requirements of the service providers, but also supports
their business continuity and associated aspects. SURE! Cloud Billing and subscription management platform will transform all your business operations and brings in maximum automation, streamlines your business processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Having worked with global clients in several domains like Cloud (SaaS & On Demand, Unified Communications, IaaS, PaaS ), Pay Media, Broadband, Utilities, M2M/IoT, we understand the business models well and can meet the requirements. Also our product can be solutinized to easily metamorphose to the requirements of any specific line of business which is built in PAS (Product, Application and Solution) philosophy. We know that every service provider has a specific requirement, and hence developed the practice of customizing our solution to fit these specific requirements. Over the years it has become our value proposition that we offer to our customers.

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