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Mar, 2016


Who are Managed Service Providers (MSPs)?

There is a lot of hype in the biz world that talks about Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Cloud Computing. But when it comes to defining and choosing between the two for your small business, you are too busy running errands than finding the right strategy. Keeping things simple, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) refers to the team or company that manages or runs your IT solutions which would otherwise be taken care of by your internal IT team. From keeping the hardware up and running to ensuring that the software is up-to-date, MSPs do all the necessary patch-work to and forth and also handle what lies in between. They bridge the gap between the current workforce capability and the capacity that your business needs.

Most of the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) work on a subscription model which renders a monthly recurring revenue stream. Therefore, with the growth spurt in MSPs, who have to follow a fixed subscription revenue management method for projects that are spaced out unlike the IT Projects that are individual project based, effective revenue management system needs to be deployed.

Now what’s ‘Cloud Computing’?

Cloud computing is a metaphoric term for the internet. It refers to having a third party solution or server for storing your business data and programs that can be accessed from anywhere across the globe. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) employ effective monetization techniques to manage the cloud based IT solutions that are based upon the needs and size of your company.

How Does Business Assurance Fit In?

MSPs apply optimized partner management solutions, there by creating a modern work environment, by placing service oriented lens on the activities, tasks and processes that regulate day to day work life. By optimized monetization skills, they follow pre-planned quotation management theories to effectively ensure smooth running of your business IT structure. While everything is on the cloud server in the current business scenario, there is a lot of agility in revenue management and generation for MSPs. Therefore, with a clearly thought out revenue management system and handling business partners effectively through an effective partner management profile, MSPs have monetization solutions such as customer care, rating, billing, invoicing, Payments and collection process automation.

MSPs and how they grant business assurance

While handling multiple companies at once, the partner management approach allows MSPs to streamline monetization settlements and partner management in contracts.

Key benefits delivered by MSPs enabling Business Assurance:

“Our quotation management system deploys the right service and technology solutions across the business organization”

  • Effective and efficient processing: Time bound sourcing and on-boarding of new workers ensuring effective and compliant service is essential for every business. MSPs ensure regularity and optimum delivery of services to clients.
  • Risk Mitigation: Contingent solutions that regulate worker discrepancies that arise across boundaries – regional and geographical are managed effectively by MSPs. They apply regulatory controls that monitor and manage risks on behalf of the clients.
  • Visibility and control: MSPs grant effective decision making pointers based on technical analysis of worker spend, thereby eliminating any kind of discrepancy and enabling the ability to make informed decisions by the client.
  • Cost saving benefits: MSPs regulate the channel of revenue generation and cost control after detailed analysis based on market trends. Thus, with there collaborative approach, they generate cost effective solutions for the client.
  • All Encompassing approach: MSPs have access to the core functionalities across industries and business segments. Thereby, their insight renders experienced and information based theories that can be applied to the client’s business ensuring a smooth operation. Based on the expertise and study, MSPs generate effective and efficient methods that can be immediately infused into the business structure.

Having control over worker spend is important for every business. Our quotation management system deploys the right service and technology solutions across the business organization. After careful analysis of historic data and business trends, our quotation management system helps our clients undertake informed decisions.

Assuring business growth and maintenance through growth management, effective planning and management and other pre-planned structures, clients can attend to other work priorities, thereby letting MSPs handle their IT needs.

By : Satish Garikipati

Satish Garikipati is a consultant with SURE! (a Magnaquest product). SURE! is an internationally acclaimed player in comprehensive end-to-end Subscription Business Solutions for PayTV, Broadband and Cloud Computing businesses – through deployment of Metered Billing, CRM, Service Fulfillment, Value-Added Services, and Managed Services.

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