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How SURE! helps CFOs to improve ROI: Datacenter  Scenario

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Oct, 2014


SURE! is an end to end Billing solution for cloud service providers and conventional data center providers. With the ability to manage subscription based business driven by online payments, SURE! solution is completely cloud ready to manage the entire revenue eco system. With SURE! ability to integrate with financial accounting systems like Oracle Systems, SAP can be easily achieved. This helps in communicating financial and other relevant data  with those systems so that effective traceability and tracking is achieved.  With the ability to manage contracts with customers and resellers, SURE!  enables the service providers to scale up their business process. In addition, SURE! architecture also enables service providers to address various specific needs without much complexity and effectively.

With all the above features, CFO’s will be able to completely automate Datacenter billing cycles/operations, keep track of their revenues, reduce the efforts as part of process automation, etc. In addition to this, SURE! Cloud Billing solution is market tested and proven to be highly scalable in terms of handling multi currencies, taxation rules specific to countries and provinces, multiple languages etc. This allows Datacenters to expand their offering across the globe. Datacenters can also expand its offerings into other related domains with the help of SURE!, as the system is not a domain specific. Domain specific solutions are built on top of the generic product and hence metamorphosis to a specific business vertical is not a major effort

SURE!’s ability to address various generic and specific requirements has enabled world class data centers like Joyent, Dimension Data, Euro VPS and Sai Infosystems to deliver high degree of satisfaction to their end customers.

Some of the important features of SURE! Cloud Billing system are.

  • Completely supports cloud business model
  • Billing and collection automation
  • Integrate with various systems like ERP, CRM and Financial Accounting Systems
  • Supports one time and various types of recurring modes of payments
  • Effective Dashboards
  • Supports billing of any subscription based business like Unified Communications, ISP’s, SaaS & On Demand etc.
  • Effective management of Resellers and other business entities
  • Revenue Recognition and Ageing analysis

The key benefits of using SURE! system are.

  • Reduces efforts required for collecting an invoicing for the services rendered. Enable Billing team to collect payment through payment gateways while allowing your customers to pay manually through Cash or Cheque.
  • The ability to define and automate billing cycles in SURE! makes sure that bills are generated in periodic intervals automatically with self-monitoring to prevent failures. Bills generated are send to customers electronically and payments can be collected online as well. This saves considerable operation costs and hence improves the effectiveness.
  • Enables seamless flow of information within systems like CRM, ERP and Financial Systems, thereby resulting in data consistency while being the single point of communication with all adjoining systems
  • Gives you the flexibility to choose the charging model like onetime payment, recurring payment, and usage based pricing, tier based pricing, region based pricing, item based pricing, etc which results in pricing innovation and hence increased customer satisfaction.
  • Elaborate dashboards to give information on the overall performance aspects and helps management in taking the necessary decisions.
  • SURE!  reseller management enables you to do a real time revenue settlement based on your pre-defined agreements with them.
  • SURE! also provide Revenue Recognition and Ageing analysis, which enables you to have a precise view of your receivables.

Implementation of SURE!  Billing, CRM & Subscription Management solution increases operational efficiencies and improves revenue recovery thereby significantly contributing to overall performance. Some venues which will be impacted positively are

  • Automated Billing and dispatch thereby reducing operational costs
  • Dunning activities resulting in improved revenue recovery
  • Dashboards to enable decision making and further process streamlining
  • Highly effective customer care for bringing in customer satisfaction and hence reduced churn
Value Proposition:
  • State of art CRM and Billing system to effectively manage the customers, their plans, invoicing and collecting activities
  • Value for money due to pricing innovations which can be introduced resulting in satisfying customer specific requirements
  • End to end operations automation to monitor and track operations and control failures scenarios
By : Satish Garikipati

Satish Garikipati is a consultant with SURE! (a Magnaquest product). SURE! is an internationally acclaimed player in comprehensive end-to-end Subscription Business Solutions for PayTV, Broadband and Cloud Computing businesses – through deployment of Metered Billing, CRM, Service Fulfillment, Value-Added Services, and Managed Services.

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