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Managed Service as A Delivery Approach

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May, 2016


The current trend of the business sectorbe it, small, medium or large, are all maintaining the use of managed services as their delivery model. This comes as no surprise with the growing trend of the specialists as well as the generalist managed service providers or MSPs in the economy.

Although there is a significant presence of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Personal Communication services (PCs) in the service sector, the delivery approach adopted by the MSPs is scaling as far as their need goes. Giving more focus to Managed Service Providers in the specialists sector, who deliver services such as application hosting, network administration and effective security services, adds as strengthening premise for aiding their importance among the Small, medium and larger scale industries.

Attracting more business, the Managed Service Providers are adopting a delivery approach that promises a more mobility centric business format. Cloud based billing services makes the storing and retrieving of data as simple as it can get. Managed Service Providers harness the growing demand of businesses to not just incorporate their billing systems online, but also to ensure technologically advanced and updated portfolio management that encompasses and delivers in accordance to the growing tech and business needs.

Talking about MSP as a Delivery approach, the Managed Service Provider or the MSP renders a complete package of virtual solutions that are licensed based as well as rental based such as Software as a service (SaaS).

Types of Delivery Models of Managed Service Providers:

Delivering the enterprise software solution at large, Managed service providers adopt one or all of these delivery models:

1. Licensed Model: Providing an end to end solution in the form of software, the managed service providers delivers it to the customer who can retain ownership of the software thus created.

2. SaaS or Software as a Service Model: A deviation from the above, this form of a service delivery model incorporates the Manage Service Providers role as making a developed software for rent to the customer in the form of a service. The software is updated on a regular basis by the MSP and delivered as a service rather than a product.

3. Hosted Model: A slight shift from the Software as a Service Model, the hosted model involves the purchase of a software by the customer which is there after leased out to a third party who runs the software for the customer. The Managed Service Providers either perform as the seller of the software or the third party which manages the software for the end user or the customer.

A rather lucrative service delivery approach offered by managed service providers is much in need by all types and sizes of industries with the exceeding virtual presence and smooth workflow being the prime requisite. Where the licensed model of delivery is ideal for customers who need complete ownership towards the software of their business enterprise, the Software as a Service model provide respite to those who want to utilize the best of the software technology available at a feasible price for rent. In the current scenario, a number of managed service providers are adhering to vendor management schemes and adapting themselves to become specialized service providers instead of experimenting with a host of options. Once promising to deliver a state of the art software system that is mastered by them, they have a larger share of the market as fast as their selected model is concerned.

Shifting from this is the generalist model of Managed service providers who tend to brace themselves with a plethora of service segments and there by comparatively being lesser in demand when it comes to customers who are seeking specialized services.

However, the rather larger picture ensures a bright future for the managed service providers as they adopt the delivery approach giving themselves as well as their customers are vast spans of options to adopt their services.
The current segment of managed service providers or MSPs are monetizing on the portfolio of VARs and PCs as well. They are expanding their approach and incorporating personal communication as well as managed servers into their portfolio. Using managed services as delivery model allows customers to make the most of the current technology and place their enterprise in the most technologically viable manner. Bringing to their respite is the specialized model of managed services that allows customers to channelize their vendor management systems and adopt a fully functional software solution that is always updated by the managed service providers. This in turn, delivers mutual benefits to both, the managed service providers or MSPs and the business employing their services.

Keeping it to the point, the delivery approach is a one stop solution to the virtual software requirements of customers.

By : Vishal Pokala

Vishal Pokala is The Marketing Research & Strategic Manager of SURE! (a Magnaquest product). SURE! is an internationally acclaimed player in comprehensive end-to-end Subscription Business Solutions for PayTV, Broadband and Cloud Computing businesses – through deployment of Metered Billing, CRM, Service Fulfillment, Value-Added Services, and Managed Services.

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