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Why is Billing and CRM Software Critical to the Success of your Business?

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Mar, 2014


Are you running a subscription based business? Do you want to improve ROI, increase customer experience?

Billing and CRM software is critical to the success of your business. It’s difficult for businesses to survive for long without being able to stay on top of your leads and customers.
The good news is, more and more business owners are realizing this need to implement a powerful Billing and CRM solution across their business.

For a business owner to be able to deal and manage the customer’s billing requirement, powerful Billing & CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software needs to be integrated with project management, time sheets, documents and products and sales.

Following are the different modules and features of an efficient Billing and CRM software.

Billing plays an important role in subscription based business especially for ISP operators, Pay TV operators, Cloud based billing business. An advanced Billing system will not only generate a prompt invoice to your customer but also tracks payment status, due dates, last billed amount and many more parameters that define a customer. It also facilitates the Business owner to offer their customers various payment methods through online gateways including PayPal,, and Google checkout among many others.

An efficient billing software enables business owner to automate billing process with recurring invoices for products or services that they offer to customers.

By integrating various modules with the Billing software, business owners can easily find out the billable hours and can immediately use it to generate the expenses for products and services in a second without having to collect the data from various members of your team.

Subscriber Profile Management:
It is very that important for business owners running the subscription based business to manage subscribe profile including entire demographic or user-defined categorization of your customers and subscribers. Subscriber profile management will help the business owners understand the needs of the subscribers and provide different means to serve the customers better.

Web Based Document Management:
When you are not using an able billing and CRM solution you will end up sending large files to your clients via email. With efficient Billing and CRM software you can easily recreate permission based folders on a secure server that allow your clients to access on demand the files they need. You can save time by creating templates of folders with all the common files you want your customers to have.

Trouble Ticket Management:
It is obvious that your web based Billing and CRM software should effortlessly integrate with your online help desk. Business owners should make sure that they are tracking each and every support inquiry, and that they are forwarded for proper follow up. In a subscription based billing, you should be able to create comprehensive knowledge base that answers many common questions as well as automate the e-mail answers when appropriate. With full integration of a billing and CRM systems, each customer can have his own support area and those support requests can be attached instantly to active projects.

Clearly choosing a Billing and CRM software is not a walk in the park and it requires a lot of functionalities that can be obtained by purchasing individual solutions. However, there is a clear disadvantage if an integrated solution is not chosen to start with.

Below are some of the reasons why business owners should chose an integrate Billing and CRM software in to their business:

  • The cost of each separate software program, and additional seat licenses can rapidly become expensive.
  • A lot of time consuming technical issues for integrating various software systems from different vendors. In some cases, they simply can’t be integrated, which will lead to slow and error prone double entry.

To conclude, fully integrated Billing and CRM software will provide a higher ROI by having a single easy to use and intuitive interface. Subscription based Business can serve their customers better by automating the Billing systems and can better handle the customer queries. Your employees can learn the web CRM software once, with the help of detailed videos, and immediately take advantage of the full software capabilities. What do you think? Please let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

By : Sajan Kota

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