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How B2B Subscription companies can pave a smoother customer journey: Self-Service Portal

When you think about digital transformation, your priority should be to digitize your customer journey. A simple and easy step in that direction would be a well-functioning B2B self-service portal. This allows your operators to manage a part of the operational items all by themselves!

Let’s understand more, beginning with its top benefits:

  • Save 70% of your sales force and operations team’s time
  • Quicken the contract signing process and ensure early revenue recognition
  • Seamless workflows with simplified processes
  • Build awareness on promotions and other marketing activities

Initiate, Negotiate, and E-Sign Contracts digitally

A B2B self-service portal lets your operator access his data on your platform. Such facilitation serves your operators by giving them more accurate information while initiating contract creation or renewal process. All you need to do is keep the portal intuitive while selecting the right product, editing the required data, and entering valuable details related to new head ends and business offices.

The rest of the operational transactions would become seamless, leading your operator to finalize the contract by e-signing the document. Several document management and e-signing tools are now helping businesses in this transformation journey.

You could now sense more efficient and productive outcomes when your sales and operations teams contribute more by advising, recommending, and processing instead of spending time on data entry and document carrying.

E-Sign Contracts

A Comprehensive 360-degree Data view

Operators can now view in a glance their data, that includes –

  • Financial transactions such as invoices, payments, and adjustments
  • Operations such as active, reactive, and suspended services
  • Inventory details and its current location
  • Other metrics as aging, invoice vs. payments, etc.

Not just this, operators can also access dashboards to get deeper insights as and when required.

In-time subscriber count reports

This small step of transformation would also benefit by cutting down your team’s time by letting them focus on the data received and process the data for changes and invoice generation. Operators may also upload monthly subscriber count data that is used by broadcasters to generate bills every month. A B2B self-service portal allows operators to perform such activities to help broadcasters instantly reach the customer for any explanations or the invoice generated while realizing revenues early.

Brand and promotions awareness

A B2B self-service portal also allows broadcasters to consistently engage operators with brands while creating awareness on promotions, upcoming events, and so on, during the entire customer journey.

brand awareness

Operators want their questions answered, and their problems solved quickly

Operators are interested in similar services that offer value to their end subscribers. To serve better, operators need answers and resolutions quickly. While adding tremendous value to the time of both business users, a B2B self-service portal would benefit operators to log the query/dispute, that reaches the broadcaster in real-time. Interaction with customers online would undoubtedly give a feel that you are right with them and available as and when your operator needs help.

To summarize, it may well be claimed that operators today need frictionless customer journeys as much as a well-serving subscription platform. The usefulness of a B2B self-service portal is that it lets operators personalize the entire user journey while also helping them keep tabs on their products, past services, and significant areas of their expertise. The value that it garners for business is only going to shoot up in this towering digital age.