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How To Win The War Against OTT Churn?

More than 75% of internet traffic now consists of video content, while online videos watched on TV represent 25%. This fact points to the obvious: the jet-speed growth of OTT at the cost of traditional Pay TV. With an option to freely self-manage accounts, OTT exerts a strong pull on content consumers. But what remains almost unnoticed is that means customers can now easily unsubscribe in a few clicks using the same freedom!

Most greenfield OTT players and sometimes even the OTT giants who have been around for a while, habitually focus on acquiring new customers. What happens later, though? It becomes futile if all their newly acquired customers churn right after the completion of their free trials.

For today’s OTT players, managing churn is of more significance than gaining a new customer besides creating immersive OTT experiences. So how do you go about with it exactly? Read along to find out.

Understanding everything about OTT Churn

Simply defined, the churn rate is the number of cancellations or subscription lapses that occur against a time frame. This usually follows one of the below two routes:

  1. Voluntary: This is when subscribers voluntarily cancel their memberships. This happens for various reasons such as access to cheaper bundles on other platforms, expiry of free trial periods, binging on that one special event or show, etc.
  2. Involuntary: As the name suggests, subscribers here are not aware of their cancellation. This can spring as a result of failed payment transactions or expiry of payment methods/ cards, etc.

Now that you know the types, let’s dig deeper into how you can effectively handle churn:

voluntary churn vs involuntary churn

Early Warning Systems:

Monitor subscriber behavior regularly to determine their likeliness to let loose. When a customer is hitched on to just one show, which is about to end soon, bait him/ her up with similar content. Making active promotions in alignment with customer interests is one such smart way to ensure they’re not falling out of the loop. This demands patterned analytics and the agility to act swiftly.

Bundling it all the way:

Segment your customers using advanced analytics and present to them personalized bundled packages. Sharply demonstrate the procurable value for money, and they will surely be set to the tune of loyalty.

Swift Launch of New Services or Products:

Unrolling new products and services to your customers faster to market is essential, especially doing it before they become irrelevant. There is a high chance of churning, if launching a new product, bundle or promotion takes long.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Analytics:

Furnishing relevant and engaging content recommendations to your subscribers, driven by AI-based algorithms, help you stay ahead of the others. This can be done based on deep analytics that paints out an accurate picture of users’ recent content choices.

battling against churn

Warding off Involuntary Drifting:

To quickly address involuntary churn, narrow down on a robust system that can automate the entire renewal process. This includes sending message and email-based alerts to the user upon arriving at product expirations. Some platforms also let you go that extra mile to communicate with the backend of a banking system whenever there’s a new credit card in place.


While customer acquisition can seem to take the high stand both while launching a new VOD service or branching out into OTT, churn management too must be a top priority from day one. Effective churn management, with advanced analytics, ease of promotion and campaign management, and the quickest time to market calls for an agile subscription management platform.

VOD and OTT shall, in all likelihood, remain the dominant market players against conventional cable television services. Dynamic churn foresight and control in this segment are crucial to assure that providers sustain competition and develop fruitful and long-standing subscriber relationships. There are other ways to minimize churn that can be customized to meet your unique requirements. Get in touch with us to know more.