How IoT can help tea/coffee vending machine providers to earn more revenue

IoT is rapidly transforming every business you can think of. From smart homes to smart cities and smart manufacturing it is slowly connecting everything on this planet.

Adoption of IoT has made machines smarter and easier to operate/monitor. Many Vendors/Owners have adopted the new technology & are reaping the benefits while others are brainstorming as to “how to make the maximum use IoT” to increase revenues, optimize operations and build sustainable competitive differentiation.

The same case is with coffee/tea vending machines providers to offices, airports, etc. IoT is rapidly changing this industry and some players are already reaping its benefits too. Since this segment is highly commoditized and competition is high, there is a strong need for technological advancement to plug rising operational costs, and boost revenue.

IoT based smart coffee/tea vending machines creates win-win value proposition for both consumers as well as vendors.

Benefits for vendors are:

  • Higher run-time: Through IoT enabled vending machine you can detect the failures in advance and schedule the maintenance before machine failure. Thus, achieving maximum up-time and improves customer satisfaction.
  • More revenue: You can easily transform your business into subscription based business. Implement multiple business models like pay-per-glass or bundle your offerings. This way you can deliver maximum value to your customers and get maximum value in return.
  • More control over installed base: Have a clear view of your entire installed machine and remotely diagnose them. You can turn on and off in case customer is not paying or update algorithm for the optimum use of raw material and providing the best sip of tea/coffee.

How SURE! can help tea/coffee machine vendors to get digital?

We at SURE! offers complete IoT solution that allows faster market roll-out, through our strong domain knowledge, highly experienced Technology partners and in-house IoT monetization platform.

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