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Cable TV Digitization in India

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Sep, 2016


The Indian Cable TV providers (MSOs/LCOs) have been engaged in a market domination battle against the cut-throat competition from DTH providers since the introduction of DTH services in India in early 2003. The legacy infrastructure leveraged by MSOs is no match to the cutting edge infrastructure used by DTH providers for service provisioning. Apart from quality of service, there are other customer concerns about the inability to choose their menu of channels and a fixed price billing model.

The government could not have control over under-reporting of the cable operators’ subscriber base and hence their revenues. Therefore, the Indian government came up with the “The Cable Television Networks Amendment Act” ( in 2011. This act has revolutionized the Pay market in India.

Problems with Analogue Cable TV

  • Current analog signal transmission consumes too much bandwidth and LCOs with the current last mile technology can only offer a maximum of 100 TV channels
  • MSOs cannot offer additional services to their subscribers (VoD, gaming, pay-per-view – like DTH operators can)
  • MSOs cannot take their revenues to the next level with current infrastructure like unidirectional cable network
  • Poor quality audio-video services compared to DTH providers resulting in low customer satisfaction
  • No control over Local Cable Operators (LCOs) under reporting of the subscribers

How digitization can help cable TV operators

  • The digitized signal is compressed and hence consumes lesser bandwidth than analog signal. Cable operators, using digitized signal can offer much more TV channels using the same last mile.
  • Cable TV operators can compete with DTH providers in quality of service and increase customer retention.Cable TV Digitization in India
  • Provide more services, like providing High definition channels, by eliminating capacity constraints with new infrastructure.
  • Digitization of cable TV provides cable TV operators, both MSOs and LCOs, with a chance to increase average revenue (ARPU) by offering add-on services like broadband, Video-on-demand, gaming etc to their existing customers by upgrading last mile (from Unidirectional to bidirectional cable network)

As the customer viewing preferences are changing, demand for higher quality video is increasing and to compete with DTH operators, the operator are planning to have Multi-platform distribution like Digital Cable, IPTV, Mobile TV and New Media. In this scenario, the operators need to have a centralized SMS and billing system to manage their hybrid networks.

Below are some important TRAI guidelines related to SMS and Billing system

  • SMS and Billing system should be TRAI compliant
  • Support Ala-carte packaging, genre based packaging, Pre/Post Paid Billing, TRAI reports, QOS, etc
  • Prompt provisioning of services, customer compliant redressal & tracking, etc
  • Handle at least one million concurrent subscribers on the system

Following are some key parameters an operator needs to consider while choosing the SMS and Billing System:

Ready to Use
  • Ready to use for Indian Scenario
  • Accommodate India pertinent features
  • Enable cable operator to adhere to TRAI guidelines
  • Specialised knowledge on Indian Pay TV domain
  • Short Implementation time
Focused Roadmap
  • Market driven Roadmap
  • Commitment to the domain
  • Bring in Industry’s best business practices
  • Support business model changes
User Friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive GUI
  • User Friendly
  • Web Enabled
  • 360 degree view of subscriber
  • Hot Keys
Robust Architecture
  • Scalable, Reliable and Extensible
  • Modular and Flexible Architecture
  • Integrate seamlessly with CA systems to automate provisioning and mediation of services
Future Proof
  • Support the growth plans and growing subscriber base
  • Support additional revenue streams
  • Be Flexible to dynamically changing business needs
Right Partner
  • Proven track record
  • Experience of working with similar business models
  • Exposure to Indian business environment
  • Good Software development process in place
  • Partnership approach
  • Local Support



Key Benefits of SMS & Billing System

  • Improve Operational efficiencies
  • Business process automation
  • Effective LCO management
  • Revenue Settlements
  • Easy to create new bouquets and packages
  • Increase ARPU
  • Compliance to TRAI guidelines

To integrate organizational functions SURE! (a Magnaquest product) is a Billing, CRM & SMS which is capable to handle any scenario of Indian Pay TV industry and is 100% TRAI compliant

SURE! Billing, CRM & Subscriber Management system (SMS) for Cable operators/MSOs

  • SURE SMS is a Complete ‘business-in-a-box solution’ for operators looking for a industry-standard cable TV billing system
  • Get ready with digitization in less than a month by partnering with SURE! and be compliant with regulations of statutory bodies like TRAI about subscriber base and revenue reporting
  • SURE! system is compatible and communicates with any industry standard Conditional Access System (CAS)
  • Gives you the ability to maintain your customer information in a database
  • Lets you set customized pricing plans for your customers and generate customized bills
  • Accept payments via credit card and direct debit
  • SURE! system helps you provide either post-paid plans or pre-paid plans to subscribers, just like DTH providers do
  • SURE! Billing, CRM & Subscriber Management System supports triple play. So, cable TV operators can provide Broadband and phone services to the existing subscribers
  • If the cable TV operator provides/intends to provide additional services like VoD and broadband to his cable TV customers, SURE! system can generate a single bill for all services used
  • Self service portal for customers to choose plans, view billis, make payments and register complaints and feedback
  • A hosted solution that is affordable and pay as you go pricing model
  • Scale your customer base and our solution can handle all the load seamlessly.

Benefits of using SURE!

  • Reduce your billing and CRM costs
  • Get digitized in less than a month
  • Reduce the human role in your processes and hence reduce your operational costs
  • SURE! is 100% TRAI compliant solution
  • Improve your customer satisfaction

SURE! is the market leader in offering Billing, CRM & subscriber management System for cable TV/ pay TV market. India’s top MSOs like Hathway, IMCL, Manthan, etc offers their services using SURE!

Technology partners of SURE!

NDS, Conax, Viaccess, Verimatrix, Nagravision, Irdeto (CAS partners)

Cisco, Mikrotk (Broadband provisioning systems partners)

Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Ericsson (System integrators)

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By : Chanakya Levaka

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