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Convergence and Evolution of Triple Play

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Jan, 2014


As the media & entertainment industry enhances its capabilities in terms of infrastructure and edges closer towards convergence with the broadband industry, the service providers started focusing on better systems for billing, accounting and customer relationship management. Triple play is a business model of offering two bandwidth intensive services like Broadband and television and a latency-sensitive service like telephone on the same last mile.

Triple play is a boon to MSOs to offer more varieties of services to their subscribers and increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). The government policies on convergence plays an important role There are few countries like Argentina, where the government policies are more favourable to Cable operators than telecom companies in offering Triple play. Triple play offering helps MSOs compete with bigger telcos.

Multi system operators (MSOs) need to upgrade their existing hardware/software infrastructure, billing and accounting systems to offer triple play services successfully. Many MSOs use legacy unidirectional backbone that is capable of carrying only analog/digital TV signal. To offer services like broadband and telephone, MSOs need to have advanced last mile connectivity – a bidirectional cable network. Also, a better billing and accounting system, preferably a convergent billing system, is required for better service bundling and cut operational costs for the service provider.

SURE! – Triple play billing solution highlights

  • SURE! is a industry standard Triple Play billing platform from Magnaquest. Magnaquest has over 10 years of experience in supporting Triple play deployments. A reference to Magnaquest offering solution to a triple play operator provider as early as 2005 can be found here – (
  • SURE! is hardware/software platform agnostic and integrates seamlessly with service provisioning elements of all vendors

Pay TV provisioning compatibility
SURE! solution is compatible with Conditional Access Systems of all major vendors like Cisco (NDS), Conax, Viaccess, Verimatrix, Nagravision, Irdeto, e.t.c

Broadband provisioning compatibility
SURE! solution integrates with Network Access Server (NAS) and B-RAS (Broadband remote access server) of all leading vendors like Cisco, Juniper networks, Redback, etc

VoIP provisioning compatibility
SURE! platform supports all major VoIP middleware, soft switches like Asterisk, Freeswitch and SIP servers like Kamailio and OpenSIPs. With comprehensive support for all major platforms, SURE! provides cutting edge Access, Authorization and Accounting services and Billing solutions for VoIP providers.

  • Convergent billing model allows the service provider to upsell, cross sell services and generate a single bill for the end user.
  • Pre-paid and Post-paid billing models
  • Self-care customer portal for viewing bills, making payments and registering feedback
  • Wide variety of payment choices to end user/subscriber like Credit card, direct debit, paypal, etc
  • Hosted solutions for small operators for lower TCO and self-managed solutions for larger service providers
By : Chanakya Levaka

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