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The Latest OTT Monetizing Strategies

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Mar, 2016

The world is moving towards online video services consumption at a very fast pace. Consumers’ expectations are varying with the available gamut of digital assets. With the advent of OTT in the digital era, consuming video services over the internet has become a very different experience which is reliable, easy and truly a mobile experience. Over the top services allow people to consume the content of their choice, get the access to the content wherever they are connected to internet and pay only for what they view. This makes people […]


How to Achieve Competitive Differentiation in a Crowded OTT Market?

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Dec, 2015

OTT market is expanding very quickly now and the competition in this market is getting harder every day. Companies who want to achieve a competitive differentiation in this crowded market need to follow some key principles in order to let them build and scale their OTT business. The key factors are as follows: Flexible Pricing and Packaging With OTT subscriptions, pricing is a very valuable strategic tool, as pricing is tied directly to the growth of revenue via acquiring new customers, increasing the existing customers value, and reducing customers loss. […]


“TV Everywhere” is becoming popular. Are developing markets OTT ready, Now?

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Sep, 2015

As the demand for OTT is growing rapidly in the developed markets, operators in the emerging markets are not sure about the timing of adopting OTT model for new revenues. As an overlay, businesses need to overcome these bottlenecks for the successful adoption of OTT platform. High speed data infrastructure: The high quality and high speed network is not ubiquitous in the developing markets, thus challenging businesses in the adoption of OTT. Even if there are growing investments in broadband infrastructure for improved network speed and performance, the caps on […]


Convergence and Evolution of Triple Play

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Jan, 2014

As the media & entertainment industry enhances its capabilities in terms of infrastructure and edges closer towards convergence with the broadband industry, the service providers started focusing on better systems for billing, accounting and customer relationship management. Triple play is a business model of offering two bandwidth intensive services like Broadband and television and a latency-sensitive service like telephone on the same last mile. Triple play is a boon to MSOs to offer more varieties of services to their subscribers and increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). The government policies […]


Monetize Your Services Choose the right SMS system to reduce churn and increase ARPUs

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Dec, 2013

Indian television industry is going through a transformation. Impending Analogue Switch off and New Media like OTT present an immense opportunity and challenge. Pay TV operators should also address the changing consumer and regulatory demands of varied content, better quality, improved service qualities etc; all at economical price points. Especially the CableTV operators have an exciting time ahead. They have to invest and put in place the required infrastructure for Digitalization, get the content, abide by TRAI regulations etc; within the short deadlines. In this entire process of Digitization, The […]


With Dual &Triple Play, PayTV can harness rapid growth in LatAm

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Oct, 2013

In Brazil, like in Latin America (LatAm), the DTH is leading the digital boom. Most Latin American territories are experiencing a surge in digital TV take-up, according to a new report from Digital TV Research. According to most global experts and research, the PayTV revenues globally will climb to over USD 200 billion in 2017, up by USD 23 billion on 2011 but up by only USD 2 billion (1 percent) on 2016, according to a study by Digital TV Research. Similar reports indicate that the DTH (DBS) revenues will […]


Challenges plaguing Indian Pay TV Industry are Disguised Opportunities

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Sep, 2013

In India, the Television revolution that started in early 80s with a government-owned Doordarshan, experienced its first major boom in early 90s with the introduction of cable TV. For the first time, Indian audiences experienced 24-by-7 TV and more than one channel; besides the quality of content not possible with government produced content. The next leg of the revolution hit when a few major players, some of them strongly present in Telecom, entered the Television Industry through satellite TV, providing a direct-to-home connectivity. This, along with the introduction of Digital […]