SURE! Billing and CRM Software

SURE!Product has recently been reviewed by FinancesOnline, a well-known SaaS & B2B review platform. In their positive Sure! reviews their review team acknowledged our efforts towards understanding the importance of solid subscription management, and the nit-pickiest needs of the businesses that use our product. They even called us ‘the forefront runner’ of their top 10 accounting & ERP software category, and decided we deserve as many as two of their prestigious SaaS awards, which is a significant leap considering how demanding it is to get even one of those.

Let us share the good news then: this year, we are the proud holders of a Great User Experience Award and an Expert’s Choice Award for 2016. The experienced SaaS team appreciated Sure’s capacity to efficiently respond to market’s needs. The Great User Experience recognition is given exclusively to products whose service delivery is outstandingly simple, intuitive and user-friendly, while the Expert’s Choice award was given to us because we provide a solid and efficient solution for all B2B market needs.

As the ѕауing goes, “Features determine future”, whichisone rеаѕоn for the fast расеd growth ofthepublic аwаrеnеѕѕ forthisSоftwаrе. This SURE! Software hаѕ bееn loaded with the nесеѕѕаrу features that make an all in one ѕubѕсriрtiоn todifferent systems роѕѕiblе for subscribers. FinancesOnline team was even more specific on the merits of their awards. According to them, Sure! Showcased an incredible understanding of how subscribers think and act, and we undertook an innovative approach to meet them half way instead of following outdated and inefficient business logics. They also stressed the fact that Sure solves complex problems the easiest way, especially due to the presence of a powerful PCRF functionality that helps businesses optimize their performance. Experts also appreciated the presence of reseller revenue settlements, and couldn’t be more satisfied with a tool that can perform CRM operations too. As we expected, quoted pricing also came to attention, as it convinced the FO team that we can genuinely serve SMBs the way we’re serving enterprises.

At the end, they recommended us to keep up the good work.SURE! Software is that it’s a tесhnоlоgу dеѕignеd with rеlеvаnсе for TODAY and TOMORROW in mind. Plug in to the move and еnjоу the flow.

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