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Win Big in the battlefield of the Subscription Business

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Sep, 2019


Subscription is the new growth mantra. Entertainment, Education, IT Solutions, PayTV and many other industries are reshaping their revenue streams with subscription model. Learn how to quickly and easily create, scale and sustain an ever-changing subscriber base with SURE from Magnaquest. 


SURE from Magnaquest empowers businesses vying for new markets, new customers and those repackaging their existing models with a powerful and easy-to-use subscription platform. The knowledge and expertise of Magnaquest serve the ever-evolving needs of subscribers with a robust and proven solution. It’s time to unchain your growth potential.

Un-Lock and Unleash 

Acquire customers fast. Grow quickly and happily. Retain them in an exclusive way. Stave off subscriber churn and retention challenges. Create margins instead of flab. Use prepaid pitch collaterals instead of creating them from scratch. Think and execute multi-country presence. Pump up ARPU. Make revenues recur with deep insights. Chop away passive drop-outs. Resurrect lost revenue. Amplify lifetime value of every customer. Enjoy loyalty that your rivals only dream of.

Un-Crowd and Un-Delay

Get quick and sharp visibility into a customer lifecycle. Ascend the stages of subscription business from a new curve. Make your unique offerings scalable and reliable. Be viable, and profitable, swiftly and durably. Accelerate the time taken to blossom all your services into the market. Shape your extraordinary product or service with an unprecedented pace and passion.  Forget about the headaches of turnaround-windows for customization. Tap a well-carved centralized system for zero to jet-speed inflection points. Whether it is CRM, Billing, Reward Management, Reseller Management, API or any other subscription service, you can count on the power and personalization that SURE offers.

Un-Wait and Scale

Configure fast. Leverage the immense burst of possibilities of the subscription model by using solutions designed with your own vantage point. Ideate, strategize, build, deploy, maintain, optimize and gain from any subscription business by tapping the simplicity and power of SURE. 

Understand and Unbox

No last-minute surprises. No stuff brushed under the carpet. Just plain, and lasting, customer admiration. Build lasting value. Package intelligently using SURE analytics. Unravel new revenue models. Underscore Unique Selling Propositions. But with a surprisingly low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Go ahead. Create the FUTURE!

By : Yogesh Potdar

Yogesh Potdar has over 15 years’ experience in Pay TV & Media domain. He has works with operators globally to help them monetize their services, reduce churn and increase ARPUs. At Magnaquest, Yogesh heads the Business Development for Americas and Africa regions and leads OTT initiatives. Magnaquest is internationally acclaimed player in comprehensive end-to-end Subscription, Billing & CRM Solutions for Pay TV, OTT, Broadband and Cloud Computing businesses.